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This is quite long .... but it includes lots of info (some new to me) .......
... GIRL GROUPS: the Grit, the Glamour, the Glory .....

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...ultimately caught the ear of noted Detroit songwriter and record producer Richard “Popcorn” Wylie, who would take the girls to Motown to provide background harmonies for his songs. In those days, one could pay Motown $100 for a block of studio time and record anything one pleased. After several sessions, Marlene and Jackie literally tried to run from their eventual vocation.
“Every time he would come over to teach us his songs, we would hide,” Jackie recalls. “We would say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ but we dreaded it. Mama said, ‘I’m tired of that boy. Y’all tell him that you do not want to learn those songs and go over there and sing. But you’re not doing anything else, so what’s the problem?’....

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Head Curator Lina Stephens joins Craig in-studio to discuss the latest exhibit, GIRL GROUPS: The Grit, The Clamour, The Glory. The new exhibit opens Friday , 2013 and features such legends as: The Supremes, The Vandellas, The Marvelettes, The Velvelettes, and the Unsung Vocal Heroes of Motown, The Andantes.

photo: Andantes with Kim Weston


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Semi known gem

charliewFeb 15 2013 03:04 PM

Fantastic read Roburt, just wonder how many other tracks were cut that never seen the light of day ? Thats a funny way springs to mind, im sure Pete Lowrie got the master acetate in the early 90ts

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hope i put the right side on..oops

tosspotFeb 17 2013 01:36 PM

I got a plain white paper copy off Pete, circa '92
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