Rip Donald Byrd

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RIP Donald Byrd: Jazz, soul and funk legend

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The influential jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd died on Monday at the age of 80, his nephew has said
Alex Bugnon, a jazz pianist, reported his uncle's death on Thursday

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In the 1970s, Byrd moved away from the hard-bop jazz idiom and began to record jazz fusion and rhythm and blues. He teamed up with the Mizell Brothers (producer-writers Larry and Fonce) for Black Byrd (1973) which became the best-selling Blue Note album.[4] The title track climbed to No. 19 on Billboard"²s R&B chart and reached the Hot 100 pop chart, peaking at No. 88. The Mizell brothers' follow-up albums for Byrd, Street Lady, Places and Spaces and Stepping into Tomorrow, were also big sellers, and have subsequently provided a rich source of samples for acid jazz artists such as Us3. Most of the material for the albums was written by Larry Mizell. In 1973, he helped to establish and co-produce The Blackbyrds, a fusion group consisting of then-student musicians from Howard University. They scored several major hits including "Happy Music" (No. 3 R&B, No. 19 pop), "Walking In Rhythm" (No. 4 R&B, No. 6 pop) and "Rock Creek Park".

During his tenure at North Carolina Central University during the 1980s, he formed a group which included students from the college called,Donald Byrd & the 125th St NYC Band. They recorded the 'Love Byrd' album, this being one of Donald Byrd's last highlights in his jazz funk phase which featured Isaac Hayes on drums. The album had a couple dance grooves, including the hit & garage classic "Love has come around". Recorded on Elektra records and released as a single in September 1981 it became a big disco hit in the UK and reached #41 in the chart.


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Massive everywhere

dave pinchFeb 07 2013 10:03 PM

heard this morning. R.I.P donald byrd

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Semi known gem

21 againFeb 08 2013 12:10 AM

Didnt know much of his material Love has come around had such a driving beat, always got me dancin in the 80s and still does now R.I.P.

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Keep it modern baby!

davedFeb 08 2013 10:00 AM

RIP Donald. Dominoes still sounds as great today as it did when I first heard it.
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Going Big

jordiripFeb 08 2013 10:41 AM

I've spent so many hours listening to this guy. He has left the world with some beautiful music. RIP Donald. :(

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Semi known gem

shellyFeb 08 2013 09:17 PM

Used to have the BlacByrd album, well ahead of it's time, great musician

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Keep On Doin'

petebangorFeb 08 2013 11:16 PM

RIP Donald

A musical genius, so ahead of his time, the 'Places and Spaces' album is one of my desert island albums. Wind Parade is in my alltime top 10 tracks, pure genius.

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Semi known gem

marcoFeb 09 2013 12:02 AM

What a sad loss. Inspirational music, from the 60s Blue Note albums - A New Perspective is a personal favourite - through all the great collaborations with Larry and Fonze Mizell in the 70s and beyond. Donald Byrd was constantly innovating at the highest level of musicianship yet always kept one ear on the dancefloor. Both with Duke Pearson in the 60s and the Mizell brothers later on, Donald produced some of the greatest jazz music and greatest dance music ever made. Thank you Donald and RIP.
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