The Story of Leonard Jones and Fast Track Studios

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Leonard Jones and FAST TRACK STUDIOS.

When the Motown Corporation packed up and left town in 1972 a giant void was left in Detroit's musical landscape. A company that had dominated the city for over 20 years, generating millions of dollars for the local economy and employing hundreds of people over the decades, had suddenly gone. Some members of the famed 'Funk Brothers', Motown's legendary studio band, as well as various other employees, followed Berry Gordy to Los Angeles, some stayed in Detroit. The Holland brothers and Lamont Dozier continued to record material for their Invictus/Hot Wax/Music Merchant labels well into the late 1970s, out of their studio on Grand River, with some success, and Don Davis took over at United Sound Studios, where he enjoyed commercial hits on artists like Johnnie Taylor, The Dramatics, and David Ruffin amongst others.

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Getting spins again

sharmo 1Nov 18 2011 09:29 AM

A splendid article Rob certainly filled a few gap's and expanded information on the lable regards Simon.

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Tape swappers fav

autumnstonedNov 18 2011 10:03 AM

Yes, a very interesting read - will have to check out the clip when I get home, coz I can't get youtube to play at work. Right time to get on with some work!

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Vinyl 'addict'

John BensonNov 18 2011 02:17 PM

Yes, a great interesting article Rob, it certainly makes more pieces of the puzzle we call Soul music fit together.
So many more connections I wasn't aware of!

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Getting spins again

Ivor JonesNov 18 2011 04:01 PM

Wow.......great article and really super pics.....thanks for that Rob.... By the way,that Final Decisions "I Dont Feel No Pain" you put out on Hayley Records is a huge favourite with me.Even though i`ve played it out myself , ive been astonished that a previously unavailable track this good hasnt been played more on the scene...Ive not heard anyone else spin it anywhere.....and, when you think of some of the inferior[but, no doubt, rare] stuff that does get played and accepted it kinda puts things into perspective. Wake up at the back !
Yours Sincerely,
Ivor Jones

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