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New Cratesofsoul 45 - Wilson Williams Double Sider - Out Nov 3rd

Details of the first release from a new label... Wilson Williams - I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine / I Like Being In Love With You - CratesofSoul Record Here's the blurb though no sound clip yet...
  • Soul Releases     Glynthornhill  YDay, 03:00 PM    article comments    3 


Holland-Dozier-Holland - Rare 45s Vinyl Box Set Of Unreleased Gems

Following the success of the recent Harmless release we’ve been inundated with requests to make some of the previously unreleased acetates, test-pressings and remixes available on a 7” vinyl format. So here...
  • Soul Releases     Ian Dewhirst  29 Oct 2014    article comments    17 

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