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Soul Features

Soul music related articles, reviews and features

762 articles in this category

  1. The Post Wigan Years - Northern Soul

     by chalky  · Soul Features ·  93

    Much has been written about the Northern Soul scene up to the de…
  2. Ann Sexton Story

     by Boxy  · Soul Features ·  9

    The Ann Sexton Story and details of her Concert at the Wilton on…
  3. Soul Clans and Allniter venues of Scotland

     by ukvibe  · Soul Features ·  29

    This Soul Map of Scotland
  4. The Art of Ian Clark on Uk Vibe

     by mike  · Soul Features ·  17

    Uk Vibe website has a must visit lengthy and photo heavy article…
  5. The Willie Parker Story - New Century Soul 12th Anniversary

     by Dave Moore  · Soul Features ·  3

    Manchester's New Century Soul once again brings a historical eve…
  6. Cream Cracker 10 years finish in November

     by kev such  · Soul Features ·  2

    Not too long to go now till the 1st of August for the 10th Anniv…
  7. A tale of two Dittys - Bletsoe Reunion 2

     by Winnie :-)  · Soul Features ·  4

    I got there pretty much as it was starting, parked the car in a …
  8. Reflections from the Corfu Weekender May 2015

     by Winnie :-)  · Soul Features ·  7

    So 24 hours or so after the event, I thought it would be right a…
  9. Lil Gray - Are You Fooling - The Story

     by chalky  · Soul Features ·  7

    Following on from Soul Junctions latest release by "The Dynamic …
  10. Soulshakers Bamberg Celebrates 10 Years

     by Dave Thorley  · Soul Features ·  14

    As always there is a little trepidation in the weeks leading up …
  11. Stuart Cosgrove - Soul Man - Short Film

     by soul source  · Soul Features ·  15

    Writer and Soul Source member Stuart Cosgrove features in a shor…
  12. Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five

     by Windlesoul  · Soul Features ·  4

    Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five from Greensboro, NC were a pop…
  13. Skegness Weekender 2015 Lookback via Winston

     by Winnie :-)  · Soul Features ·  8

    Skegness weekender and where to start?
  14. The (Soul) Generation

     by Windlesoul  · Soul Features ·  2

    This Wilmington, North Carolina band was largely composed of hig…
  15. George McGregor - Detroit's busiest drummer.

     by Rob Moss  · Soul Features ·  28

    McGregor's recollections of his time in the pop music 'business'…
  16. Bob Meyer and the Rivieras

     by Windlesoul  · Soul Features ·  6

    Bob Meyer and the Rivieras (not to be confused with the Indiana …
  17. The Delacardos

     by Windlesoul  · Soul Features ·  5

    The Delacardos were an all black vocal and instrumental group fr…
  18. The Tempests

     by Windlesoul  · Soul Features ·  27

    The Tempests were a very popular band from around Charlotte NC, …
  19. Soulbowl

     by neckender  · Soul Features ·  124

    For those avid collectors of rare soul vinyl, the mail order lis…
  20. The Passions: If You See My Baby

     by Windlesoul  · Soul Features ·  12

    One of the most popular and rarest 1960s girl group 45 discoveri…
  21. Rugby and I ain't talking balls - Allnighter Lookback

     by spot  · Soul Features ·  9

    Where to begin? It's been a while since I put pen to paper for a…
  22. The Delgonives From A Song Writers Perspective

     by Carl Dixon  · Soul Features ·  19

    From a song writers perspective. Loving you always came easy by …
  23. Shredded Wheat Advert Background Interview

     by Russell Gilbert  · Soul Features ·  17

    Here's an advertising industry insider's perspective on the maki…
  24. DJ Words - London NYE Allnighter Profiles

     by Yann V  · Soul Features ·  2

    From the events section, a few dj profiles lifted from the Londo…
  25. 2014 Don Davis and Deon Jackson by Rob Moss

     by Rob Moss  · Soul Features ·  13

    Don Davis and Deon Jackson by Rob Moss the passing of two of t…

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