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Something Different at the Rec


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Something Different at the Rec Details

Something Different

Sat 21st March

Tickets £5.00

Two Rooms

8 pm till 12.30

Room one

Classic and club soul



70s soul

Room two

60s Youth Club soul




Tickets From

Derek 07732328354

Nigel 07989953561

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This is someone's attempt to jump on my shirt tails under the guise of a scooter night. They can't or wont put in the work to establish there own venue so have to steal mine. If you want the real deal then it's got to be SOUL at THE REC the 2nd Saturday of the month. Don't accept imitations. KTF

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CHEERS JOHNNY,THE REAL DEAL IS SOUL AT THE REC EVERY 2ND SAT OF THE MONTH,with top DJs spinning top sounds (vinyl only) This venue is RUN BY SOULIES for SOULIES,so see ya there,ktf



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Almost a month & they haven't the courtesy to give you a reply to a legitimate question Bert. They must have no respect for the people who pay on the door. Why are they charging £5 when the regular soul night only charges £3? The room must be the same price. Who are the DJs? Is it like a lucky bag, pay your money then see what's inside. How gullible do they think the paying public are. Start & finish times, DJs, best kept secrets in Northwich. The organiser is in desperate need of advice on how to promote an event. I would like to offer this.

Rule 1. Never try to steal an established venue.

Rule 2. Find your own venue.

Rule 3. Treat your customers with respect, they are not stupid.

Rule 4. Be a soulie, keep the faith not the cash.

KTF Johnny.


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yep know all about toothless no marks trying to steel another venues thunder but good luck to the sad pretenders they will be found wanting they don't have the tunes to carry a nite so let them fall on there own sword every body knows who puts on the best nites KTF johnny northern


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I firkin hate & don't normally get involved in the politics that sometimes taint this great scene of ours but on this occasion I have to show support for what is right. This venue already has an excellent & well established northern night on the 2nd Saturday of every month. For another promoter to try & start another night at the same venue is not only insane & damaging it is morally wrong! SOUL AT THE REC on the 2nd Saturday of the month is a top quality Northern Soul night & is the only true northern night at this venue run by hardworking soulies for soulies. For all our sakes continue to support the true established soul night at this venue. We are in real danger of screwing & losing a first class soul night if common sense & decency does not prevail!! See you March 14th. KTF


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If you was to reed it! it says a mixed night

Its a pitty Johnny Northern didn't think of that when he and Rodger Coneely took the venues at Moulton verdin, the Bowling Green, And the (MORG) that Derek Smith SET up for him.

From What I've heard Johnny Northern only been on the sene since 2009 when he asked Derek

to do the charity night at the Morg for him.

And Roger Coneely only been on the scene a few years before so what makes them think they can do a better job So what makes them the EXPERTS its ok to stab someone in the back and take all the credite

if enyone was to ask them if they went to the wheel the first time round ,torch ,wigan the Mecca see what the answers will be?

Are they frightend of competition in case they don't make the grade so have to bad mouth everyone

Its a shame people like this are on the scene,


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Because my name has been dragged into this futile war of words i feel i must comment. For the record Derek and myself worked together and were partners in The Bowling Green & Moulton Verdin, John Valentine had nothing to do with either venue. When our partnership broke we shared both venues bi-monthly. when Derek decided to stop at both venues due to lack of support i continued and gradually built them up. Unfortunately the Bowling Green finished but Moulton Verdin is as strong as ever even after 5 years. John Valentine started the MORG off his own bat and put up his own funds to cover the running costs, when the MORG shut down John & myself started Winnington Rec. 

 It doesn't really matter how long I've been on the soul scene although I was a regular visiter to Whitworth Street, I love the music the dancing and the night out. I bought my own equipment because I wanted something locally so we didn't have to travel very far, I don't want to get involved in any politics, life is too short especially at our tender age. Please let that be the end of the falling out just go out and enjoy where ever you go.


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Derek got the soul scene going in Northwich everyone in northwich knows that ! you had good thing going ! But you wasn't happy with that you wanted to be the man.YOU told Derek that johnny Valentine was'nt going to anymore at the MORG but you forgot to mention when YOU wanted to get rid of johnny Valentine at the Morg because you were using your decks and yours and Dereks Speekers and YOU went to Dereks house to come up with a way to get rid of Johnny but Derek said no I bet you didn't tell johnny Valentine that did you? So you and your friend led everyone to beleive it was Derek that's when your FRIEND and Johnny Valentine started this thing of boycotting Dereks venues that's when the bad mouthing started And YOU went to the Bowling green and told Tim you would keep it going but you were only getting about 10 in so he stopped it, You and your friend went to see them at the Verdin and said the same and Chris and Jed wanted to Dj as well so you and your friend offered to paint the toilets which you did! The crowd was already there when you pushed Derek out so chris could take his place. You tried to tell Chris he wasn't playing one night but his wife put you stait on that. YOU also wanted the top spot at the MORG so put Derek on before you because he was filling the floor. Derek trusted you and you did the dirt on him because you wanted the glorie from it. You even played Dereks play list at the Verdin one night because the Guy who won the Blackpool dance comp came to see him. Trying to make out it was yours. If enyone care to ask the Rec Derek had booked the Rec before the MORG finished but Johnny Valentine went and told them HE set up the MORG ! Can you tell the punters why the price of a ticket for the last MORG was doubled the room cost the same there was no guest DJ what was the extra money for some people say in vallie's pocket 360 at £10 who's after the money? Why did Gregs mum stop you from do the charity nights for her ? So don't make out your inesent ROGER Let's get it all out in the open LET THE PUNTERS KNOW WHAT WENT ON SO THEY CAN SEE WHO'S TO BLAME FOR ALL THE TROUBLE THAT DIVIDED THE SOJLIE'S IN NORTHWICH SO THEY CAN MAKE UP THERE OWN MINDS DEREK'S the inesent one in all this he's been in to this music all his life not just a few years he's a honest trust worthy guy who would do enyone a good turn I know this Guy very well he loves the music ! Sadly the soul scene in Northwich is run by Wanna be's


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Read what, can't see anything about mixed night See rule 3. Maybe that's because it's a soul night, why else put it on soul source. See rule 1.

I can confirm Cheshire Soul Club's version of events are correct. Derek Smith was a very good friend of mine & if things had panned out differently still would be, ask him & he will confirm what Cheshire Soul Club has posted.


I have been a promoter since 2009. I don't feel the need to post my soul CV in public, but feel free to post yours I await with interest. 


Charity events are not run by one person, it is a collaboration of like minded people. The reward being the satisfaction of helping others. The event was not set up by Derek Smith ask him. See rule 3.


Competition is everywhere we live with it. Stealing someones venue is the unwritten rule all decent promoters abide by. See rule 2.


"Its a shame people like this are on the scene,"

Revived The Morg.

Brought named DJs who have played, The Twisted Wheel, The Torch, The Casino, Amsterdam, Manchester & beyond to Northwich.

Gave away 100s of CDs.

Gave away 100s of DVDs.

​Given & still do, up & coming DJs the opportunity to play there sets.

With the help of others raised money &  awareness for The Meningitis Trust, The Christie Manchester & Harry's Angel Room Leighton Hospital. 

I think Northwich is lucky to have people like this on the scene.

See rule 2.


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Did Derek help you to get the MORG going? With the baners selling tickets used his DVDs on the screen make the CDs up of some of the artist that performed there?

He still do's a lot for charity's I don't think the intetion was to take over the soul nights It was to give a scooter lad a chance to play some of records he use to play the MORG in the 70s but that's the only place with two rooms next to each other the trouble is third parties start saying things you say Derek was a very good friend what happened to change that ?

Who s idia was it to boycot his venues ?


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frayer. Please will you spell check your comments. It's really hard work reading your comments. x


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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.......PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL BE THE ONE AND ONLY COMMENT MADE BY THE VERDIN SOUL CLUB.............as our name has been dragged into this bitter fued it's only right that we should put the record straight. First and foremost we did not want to get involved in this, but feel we have to. The verdin club, set the soul nights up here not Derek ,Roger or Johnny val, when 4 committee members, payed for the dance floor to be put down..then we looked around for djs....Derek and Roger were asked to do this.........after a few years Derek and Roger fell out, nothing to do with the verdin club.....when we spoke to them, we decided to put them on bi monthly..Roger said no, why didnt, me and Jed do it ourselves...but we again said  they could do it every other month with me and Jed guesting and this is what happened......this did not work as Dereks months where not well supported where upon Rogers was..so the committee decided to drop Derek and offer Roger the whole 12 months, again with me and Jed plus a guest dj and that is how we have run it for the last 3 years.............THE END............ ( we = Committee)


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Johnny Northern & Roger Coneely + friend bad mouthing mad sure Coneely got the venue by boycotting Derek

So what happens to the moralls

If Derek had booked the Rec before the MORG finished what happend to the moralls then.

Derek was asked by Vallie help him set up the MORG which he did and this is how they repay him

Without Derek it would'nt of happend because Vallie had no idia what to do if he was to tell the truth

Once the rooms set the hard works done its easy to ring a DJ and ask him to play eny of them will do that if the money's right . The MORG was a no brainer everybody has been to the MORG.sometime in their life

Has for the Harry's room fund Derek did that months before.

You or someone might be able to tell me what this boycott is all about I've asked Derek and he's no idia so if someone can give us a clue ?

He's not a member of this sight so I put it on when he do's something !

I know Dereks been to the Verdin and the Rec so what's the problem ?


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