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  1. Papa Bear & the Cubs - you're so fine - SMS True Image - I'm not over you yet - Super Smash PM with price and condition. Thanks Bob
  2. Hi everyone, sorry but i'm going to have to end this on Friday at 7 PM, instead of Saturday. I've just realised i'm away from Saturday morning. Sorry. Top offer at the moment £825   Hi everyone up for offers over £700 Will let it run until this Saturday at 5 o'clock  Friday 7 pm or I get an acceptable offer before then. Jeanie Tracy - Making New Friends/Trippin On the Sounds - Brown Door - VG++ Scans and mp3 files from the actual record up for offers.      Jeanie Tracy - Making new friends.mp3   1.84MB   84 downloads  Jeanie Tracy - Trippin on the sounds.mp3   2.01MB   29 downloads   PM me if you are interested   Best   Bob
  3. Donnell Brown, Little Samson, Dewey Jeffries

    Hey Roy hope you are ok pal? A couple in the pipeline MAYBE!!!!!!!!!!! mate. Ann thinks it's for our holiday fund. lOl Best Bob
  4. A few more original 45's for sale.   Dewey Jeffries - When no one cared - Gary-Dew - M- £225 SOLD Donnell Brown - Too late to cry/With love we'll make it - Brown & Brown M- £325 Little Samson - Don't take your love - LD - M- £225 SOLD   P&P £8 Special delivery.   Paypal as F&F or add 4% to cover fees, Bank Transfer.   Best   Bob
  5. Hi everyone up for offers over £700 Will let it run until this Saturday at 5 o'clock or I get an acceptable offer before then. Jeanie Tracy - Making New Friends/Trippin On the Sounds - Brown Door - VG++ Scans and mp3 files from the actual record up for offers.     Jeanie Tracy - Making new friends.mp3Jeanie Tracy - Trippin on the sounds.mp3   PM me if you are interested   Best   Bob
  6. A few original 45's to go:   From previous list: Barbara Banks - River of tears/ Living in the past - Veep - VG++ £120 £100   New additions Accents - Who you gonna love/ You better think again - 0ne-derful Demo - VG++ £180 SOLD Eboney Essence - Let me in - Goodie Train - M- £120 SOLD Ronnie McCain - This time i'm gone - Triode - M- £220   Thanks for looking   Best Bob
  7. A few original 45's to go   Keni Lewis - What's her name - Buddah Demo - M-  £200 SOLD   The Shandells - I've got to love her - Bridge Society - VG++ £200 SOLD   The Montereys - It hurts so much - Arwin Demo - M- £250 SOLD   Clara Hardy - I dream of you - Tuna - M- £200 SOLD   Barbara Banks - River of tears/ Living in the past - Veep - M- £120   P&P Recorded Delivery £4, Special Delivery £8   Paypal as F&F or bank transfer.   Thanks for looking   Best Bob
  8. Offers over £600 please: I will let it run until Friday 1900hrs or I get an acceptable offer: Ruby - Femenine Ingenuity/ Deceived - Gold Token Records VG++ Soundclips are from the actual record on offer.   Femenine Ingenuity - Ruby.mp3        Cheers   Bob Ruby - Deceived.mp3


    Hey Roy He was in the Navy mate. Hope you are both OK, hopefully see you soon mate. Best Bob
  10. Well said Steve, Great spots with Mr Fortnum, i'll wait for your playlist, for the impressions track mate. Great to see you and Sue. Catch you soon mate. Best Bob
  11. Bob Snow - Skegness Weekender

    Cheers Spot, great to see you for some off the wall banter, sorry but I didn't tell you that I wear a Syrup mate.    Take care mate.
  12. Bob Snow - Skegness Weekender

    Thanks Rob, you are to kind sir.


    Good to see you Billy, I wish I had as much stamina as you mate. All the best Bob
  14. Hi everyone, we had a fantastic time at Skeggy, this is my little contribution to it: All original Vinyl   Friday Night Room @ the top   The TNT Band - The Meditation Bob & Gene - I really really love you Milton Wright - Like a rolling stone Benny Harper - My prayer Charles Mintz - Running back The Scott Three - Runnin wild The Enchanters - There's a look about you The Fantastics - Where there's a will Blue Steam -  I want a girl Jerry Washington - Don't waste my time The Saints - I'll let you slide Sonny Turner - Now that you're gone.   Friday Night The Balcony   Melvin Moore - All of a sudden Lil Major Williams - Girl don't leave me Reachers- Ijust want to do myown thing Johnnie Taylor - You're the best in the world Frederick Hymes III - Time ain't gonna do me no favor Norris Vines & the Luvlines - Give in Fluorescent Smogg - All my life Second resurrection - You done let daylight catch you Freddie Grimes - Oh no not me (Cover up)   For Andy Reynard Herby Brown - One more broken Heart Freddie Waters - You promised me Clarence Hall - Little Girl ( Cover Up) Tip Watkins - People gonna talk D Watson - Say whats on your mind Richard Caiton - I'd like to get near you Donald Thomas - Calling me home. Had to play this for my Mrs, or she said I could walk back to Dorset   Sunday Night - Main Room   Clarence Jackson - If it don't fit don't force it Will Collins - Anything I can do Pages - Heartaches & Pain The Constellations - I don't know about you   For Andy & Mandy Charles Mintz - Running Back  for Coops The Performers - Little Angel The Differences - Five minutes The Earles - Everybody's got somebody Guitar Ray - You're gonna wreck my life Deon Jackson - Ooh Baby  for Martin Stanford Bob & Fred - I'll be on my way   I would like to thank everyone who danced and listened, it's very much appreciated.   All the best   Bob          


    I would just like to thank Donna & Dave, coops & Nettie, the DJ's & everyone else involved with this wonderful event. Thanks for asking me to play a few records, I really enjoyed it. The people, the music and a lovely venue with proper dance floors, make this a not to miss weekend for us. I brought Lord & Lady Spetisbury AKA Dave & Tracey Bentley with us this time. They loved every minute of it. Was great to catch up with loads of people we don't see so often & new friends as well. . Dudley & Jayne from Cardiff, lovely to see Shaun & Lesley Fitton all top people. There's always too many people to mention, but you know who you are. We started on Thursday at the Cats Whiskers, well what a way to start the weekend off, great tunes and a great little atmosphere. Onto Friday and I did the 1st half an hour in the room at the top and then I was on in the Balcony, well what a buzz there was in there, all the DJ'S played blinders and there were still people left right until the end. Well done everyone. Saturday night we were in the room at the top, you couldn't wish for a better DJ line up, absolutely fantastic tunes played by them all and we were still there at the end. I can't remember the last time I danced that much, we all suffered the next day, we were all moaning coz our legs ached so much. Could of done with a rub down with a wet Kipper . Sunday night in the main room was a fantastic way to finish a class event like this and they even allowed me to play for half an hour, which was great. The afternoon sessions were also good, we didn't miss any. Thanks again to everyone, what a fantastic weekend, me & Ann are still both Knackered. If you read this and you've never done Skeggy before, I promise you, that if you go, you won't be Dissapointed. Just a last mention to my brother from another mother, Terry Wright and his lovely lady Lesley top folk I will post what I played on the playlist section on here.   See you all in September   Best   Bob & Ann