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  1. Hi Tony, have you got " Towanda Barnes- You don't mean it" still for sale ?. If so I would like to buy it. Kind regards Karl Boddington.
  2. Hi there, main room medium size dance floor playing a mix of 60's / 70's oldies R & B and cross over etc. Small room under played 60's / 70's modern soul etc. It's a lovely venue. I hope that helps you.
  3. DJ times in Karl's Kavern - 8 till 8.30- Karl Boddington 8.30 till 9-Phil Attley 9 till 9.30 - Marco Martinelli 9. 30 till 10 - Andrew Pollard 10 till 10.30 -Karl Boddington 10.30 till 11- Phil Attley 11 till 11.30 - Marco Martinelli 11.30 till 12- Andrew Pollard 12 till 12.30 Karl, Phil & Marco.
  4. Karl's Kavern DJ times. 7.30 till 8pm Karl Boddington. 8pm till 8.30 Phil Attley. 8.30 till 9pm Steve Phylis. 9pm till 9.30 Glenn Bellamy. 9.30 till 10pm Hammie. 10 till 10.30 Karl Boddington. 10.30 till 11pm Phil Attley. 11pm till 11.30 Steve Phylis. 11.30 till 12am Karl Boddington. 12 till 12.30 Hammie.
  5. DJ times 4 till 6. Karl & Marco. 6 till 6.30 Chris Price. 6.30 till 7 Tony Bellamy. 7 till 7.30 Des Barber. 7.30 till 8 Gibby. 8 till 8.30 Paul Panton. 8.30 till 9 Tony Bellamy. 9 till 9.30 Gibby. 9.30 till 10 Chris Price. 10 till 11 Andy Barns. 11 till 11.45 Des Barber. 11.45 till 12.30 Marco & Karl.
  6. Billy, will be worth the wait. Kettering Athletic Club next allnighter will be Saturday 26th March 2016. We want to Keep this event a special one once a year.
  7. Its going to be a busy night. There is plenty of parking:)
  8. Only a few more days to go and it's all looking good. Records dealers our welcome on the night, see you all on saturday evening:)
  9. Hi Kim, will be great to see Lisa and you this night should be a interesting one in both rooms and hopefully some new faces from different areas of the country with strong line up of DJ's.
  10. Hi Manus, will be great to see you once again this will be a cracker of a night with some great soul DJ's with 2 excellent rooms:) Kind regards Karlos
  11. Geof and Kev thankyou for last night really enjoyed playing my records at the Cotton Club. See you both soon☺ Excellent
  12. DJ times will be up on Soul Source for both rooms very soon and record dealers welcome
  13. Steve, well said it was a fantastic night with a good balance of soul music in both rooms☺
  14. See you there Steve happy birthday man. Think it might be a packer we have lots of interest for tonight:)
  15. Really looking forward to Saturday evening first Soul in the bowl 2015 and Mystic Meg told me it will be a busy one