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  1. Great vid love this song.
  2. Yip but plenty daft fu..ers bidin his on his stuff.
  3. Trouble is a think not many dj's have it Sean chapman is the only one whos played it for me.But fantastic record.
  4. Mick Reed

  5. You may be able to right a few comments in the neutral or positive NON PAYER.
  6. Still after one of these.
  7. Hi iam after a original M-copy of Frankie and Johnny/I'll hold you/Hickory/ 45-1391.No boots please Contact pm thanks.
  8. I had a black stock copy way back in the 70s played perfect no distortion.
  9. Ye bought a couple myself top quality and great service by Ray.
  10. Great right up.
  11. Original only please, please state condition and price. Please pm.
  12. Just get email passwod with this link mate.
  13. George Kirby/ What can i do Salvadors/ Stick by me baby.
  14. Some great tracks there Pete.Thanks.