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  1. Just get email passwod with this link mate.
  2. Best Intro. To Record.

    George Kirby/ What can i do Salvadors/ Stick by me baby.
  3. Some great tracks there Pete.Thanks.
  4. bt sport - check your bt bill ?

    Yip they sent an emal to everyone to tell them they had opted in for the new package unless yu phoned them and opted out sly b****rds.

    Nearly sure Harry looks the same as storm warning boot to me..Mick.
  6. Turntables with straight arms - how bad?

    F--k this might aswell throw my records in the bin now.
  7. Lack Of Knowledge, Or Just Deep Pockets ?

    Because the fu...rs are thick Harry and to much money.Mick.
  8. Was at that one in birtly Pete suprised you have that flyer and Mr southport weekender alex lowes on the decks.
  9. Simply Red...jules Holland.

    Saw him in Newcastle in 90s great voice live great performer Dont no about wigan connection and dont care.
  10. And this think this might be the one pete is referring to.
  11. And -1c on the end.
  12. Precisions/such Misery

    Still looking for this