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  1. Mart B

  2. Several Northern tunes through out the programme.Any info ?
  3. Fluffy Falana - My Little Cottage (Alpha)

    Great tune some folk still got their blinkers on.
  4. Prestatyn

    Just google B&B or hotels close to the venue,.normally get a decent choice.
  5. In the Eighties Northern Soul was classed has Rare Soul because the folk on the scene then had their bellyfull of overplayed oldies.Present day most folk I know who was into the Eighties rare soul scene,guess what you don't see them present day.I wonder why.........Rare Soul doesn't mean obscure either.

    Toatly agree kev,and we was hearing good underplayed tunes has the Norm.Now we are back to accommodating the masses with overplayed Motown & Disco Demand oldies,it's not for me.
  7. Just like government past and present the public see the obvious,but us public doesn't see the reality.
  8. Record sales at East mids venues

    Look on events Ian P there's loads,most stipulate if they have a record bar.if not take a box anyway.
  9. Northern Soul Holiday On Ice

    Or maybe apply for a lottery grant to rebuild the Casino,has so many contributed to the Pharmaceutical industry.

    Sad to hear that KH is closing well done to Carl for keeping the Northern Soul flag flying high in Mansfield,a great town with Soul traditions.There's no doubt some promoter will be at The KH like a shot to carry on the format.Who ever it maybe,I know the charity trust value their Northern nights has special.
  11. Jimmy Wensiora

    Great guy Jimmy,always kept his cards close,rarely expressed himself over tunes.lve known Jim since the 70ts if I remember Jimmy rarely attended soul night's if any in the 70ts,met up with him again late nineties at a local colliery.I at the time obtained a few Mp3 s with over 1000 + tracks on,Millionaires only groovesville stuff etc.Jimmy also had the same 20 quid.Briefly met Jimmy in a local Boozer soon after at the Anvil Mansfield Woodhouse with his cowboy boots & Stetson on.& believe it or not he didn't look like a Div.To this day I think he's still on the Fairground.
  12. Empty Dancefloor - Dj Reactions

    In my experience over the years you would travel to hear tunes that certain djs would play.Now anyone can take a bunch of played out oldies & fill any dance floor.Surely the scene wasn't based on this ?or maybe it suits the masses.
  13. Wizard Of Oz, Northern Style

    Roy Wood is making an appearance.lol
  14. Something For The Weekend Sir?

    Most older folk are grey or bold on the scene,suppose they could advertise a Wigon service.lol
  15. Northern Soul special on February 28th with special guests Richard Searling & Adie Croesdall should hear some good tunes.