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  1. The 4 Tops nearly boarded the doomed Pan Am flight which exploded over Lockerbie in 1988.Duke Fakir said it was The producer of Top of the pops was the reason they didn't board.Information is on Teletext today.
  2. Just seen this it reminds me of programmes trying to portray What Northern Soul is about,London & southern scene is totally different imo to the north.In General these programme analyst's never get to the core of what any in your face scene is about.
  3. Me Steve and other mate's where doing our apprenticeship at the Folkhouse, Derek in 1974/75,we was all only 14 years old,hearing all these new Northern tunes for the first time.like many others in Northern towns.Going anywhere near Mansfield at night in them days was frightening.I lived on Ladybrook and I knew folk like Steve Cann Brendan Muldoon etc,through my brother Pete Baggaley & cousin Stu Bull.They would tell me the weekly antics in town & some away days with the stags. Yes John Stu Butler did play Rugby for Mansfield.spoke to stu butler last week this man has some stories to tell,hopefully he will get to the cornerhouse on NYD.
  4. Seen Stu Butler last week Banner at a funeral in Southwell he lives out that way.He's had a few health problems,told him about the cornerhouse.He's hoping to get down on new years day.Ivors my brother-in-law I'm trying to entice him down has well.
  5. This venue does what it says on the tin great lads,if you've never been they will make you welcome.
  6. Is John selling these for Chris Marriott I wonder,I know he had copies of these tunes.
  7. Sad news Rip Steve,deepest Sympathy to all the family,used to see him regularly at Kingsway forest town.
  8. Mart B

  9. Several Northern tunes through out the programme.Any info ?
  10. Great tune some folk still got their blinkers on.
  11. Just google B&B or hotels close to the venue,.normally get a decent choice.
  12. In the Eighties Northern Soul was classed has Rare Soul because the folk on the scene then had their bellyfull of overplayed oldies.Present day most folk I know who was into the Eighties rare soul scene,guess what you don't see them present day.I wonder why.........Rare Soul doesn't mean obscure either.
  13. Toatly agree kev,and we was hearing good underplayed tunes has the Norm.Now we are back to accommodating the masses with overplayed Motown & Disco Demand oldies,it's not for me.
  14. Just like government past and present the public see the obvious,but us public doesn't see the reality.
  15. Look on events Ian P there's loads,most stipulate if they have a record bar.if not take a box anyway.