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  1. Three cheapies, up for grabs: sound clips for reference only. Paypal preferred. Open to offers. Postage £2.50 in the UK (recorded). MITTY COLLIER - I Had A Talk With My Man b/w Free Girl Classic Chicago. Chess 1907 - £20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfLtBXBhdaA LUCKY CLARK - So Sick b/w Two Kind Of People 1961 popcorn Chess 1782. - £20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfiAesqd0do CHUBBY CHECKER - At The Discotheque b/w Slow Twistin' British London HLU 10515. - £7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZpQhk-8EV4
  2. 4 soul tunes needing new homes. Postage is £2.50 in the UK for recorded delivery. Paypal preferred. Open to offers. Please send a PM if interested. Thank you. Minzi Berry - I Don't Want You No More - VG++ - £45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep3hJ7iXHsg Little Ben & Cheers - Baby, You're Mine - VG++ - £20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-N39VsFC9A Chris Bartley - Truer Words Were Never Spoken - NM - £15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jMlo0_HIDI Chris Bartley - I See Your Name - NM - £15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTrqUKPHQEg
  3. Top bloke, top collection. In for a top night.
  4. Can't argue with that mate. This is one case, amongst others, where I personally wouldn't object to anyone playing it. Will anyone object if I play it? Now that's something I will find out.
  5. Forgiving the joke , this is one of those tricky ones, for me at any rate. I'm never going to find £5000 or whatever for a proper 1st release (even if I could find a proper 1st release), so what do I do? I wouldn't play a bootleg, and, although I have one of the 'legit' album-included second issues, I haven't played it out, (yet?). It's all down to where you draw the line I suppose, which is an old topic, thrashed to death on here and other sites, so I'll leave it at that. Thanks everyone for their info about the matrix etc. Good knowledge to have.
  6. Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    After a top night in November, we bring you our pre-Christmas event with two more top-line guests, this time specially imported from deepest Kent, John Browne and Tracey Shaw, bringing you the very finest rare and underplayed tunes, all only on original vinyl. Why not come along and join our friendly and knowledgeable regular crowd? With residents Alan Millington, Bri Pinches and John Moffatt, we kick off around 8.00pm and run to 12.30. Entry is only £3.
  7. For anyone remotely interested, my set, 9.00-10.00 at the Horti on Friday, alphabetical order...Ruby Andrews - I Got A Bone To Pick With YouThe Big Guys - Hang My Head And CryBobby Blackmon - She's Gotta Have SoulBogis Chimes - I Think You'll Find Bill Brandon - Whatever I Am, I'm Yours Brilliant Korners - Three Lonely Guys Ed Bruce - See The Big Man Cry Nolan Chance - Just Like The Weather Tony Colton - I Stand Accused Paul Craver - Pyramid Betty Everett - Unlucky Girl Fantastic Four - Live Up To What She Thinks Bill Harris - Am I Cold, Am I Hot Roger Hatcher - Sweetest Girl In The World Bobby Hutton - Come See What's Left Of Me Hytones - Runaway Girl Mandrill - Too Late Jack Montgomery - Don't Turn Your Back On Me Natural Four - Hanging On To A Lie Stemmons Express - Woman, Lover, Thief V.I.P.s - Strange Little Girl T.J. Williams - Baby, I Need You Eddie Wilson - Toast To The Lady Thanks for looking John
    The Horti crowd did it again!! Really good turnout and cracking atmosphere from the off. A few new faces stayed to the very end, so I guess they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Not seen the dance floor quite so busy for a while. Great credit to our guests Barry and Derek who played seriously excellent spots. Thank you fellas. Our next event will be pre-Christmas on December 16th, with special guests John Browne, and Doncaster exile Tracy Shaw, who will be coming to entertain us all the way from the deepest South that is Kent. We are really looking forward to their stuff. If any of you can't make it, then have a cracking Christmas and New Year and, hopefully, we'll see you in January.ATB from the Horti Crew.
  8. Sent you a PM.
  9. You will!!!!!
  10. Yep, that's the sort of thing I mean. Thankfully there are some events with integrity, so all is not lost.
  11. Not sure if this is entirely relevant to the initial post (please delete if you want), but was just wondering about the notion that these types of tunes died out during the renaissance, by which I assume you mean the recent massive revival of all things soulful. Tunes such as More Today... are still being played to death everywhere I go. There also seems to be an increase of what I call 'pop-soul', with sounds like Tell Me What He Said - Helen Shapiro and 30 21 40 Shape - Jimmy Jones becoming 'de rigeur' it seems. These are great tunes but, for me, have never been soul music. Add these to the endless Motown played at many events, mainly well-known ex-chart material like Stoned Love (with the nonsense long intro), and ex-chart Philly stuff, and you end up with the bland, hand-bag nights that have proliferated of late, advertising themselves as northern soul nights. I meet many people who call themselves 'northern soulers', who actually know very few of the tunes that I take for granted as northern classics. I have played several events, advertised as 'Northern Soul' and been met with absolutely blank faces across the room. Is true northern soul, or rare soul as I prefer to call it, steadily going more underground again while soul music generally is undergoing this revival?
  12. A few assorted white labels, boots and reissues. Paypal preferred, P&P in UK £2.50 (recorded). Buyers abroad please enquire. Refund if not happy. Cheers, John. Casualeers - Dance, Dance, Dance - Pye Disco Demand VG++ couple of light marks - £5 Liquid Smoke - Dance, Dance, Dance - Pye Disco Demand NM - £5 Willie Mitchell - Up Hard - London American (British 70s) NM slight label damage - £10 Ringleaders - All Of My Life - M-Pac Boot NM - £15 7th Avenue Aviators - You Should O' Held On - backed with Bobby Hutton - Come See What's Left Of Me - White label Boot NM - £20 Gladys Knight & Pips - No-one Can Love You More - White label Boot NM - £10 Connie Clark - Something's Wrong - White label Boot VG++ couple of light marks - £10 Big Dee Irwin - You Satisfy My Needs - backed with Leonard Wayne - That's All I Want From You - Stardust NM - £10 Johnny Ross - I Can't Help Myself - Chirrup white Boot NM - £6 Magnetics - I Have A Girl backed with Timmie Williams - Competition - Virtual Boot NM - £10 Kama Sutra Strings - 6 O'Clock - Kama Sutra white Boot VG+ plays fine - £10
  13. Darnall Horti Soul Club

    After a wonderful night in October, this month we're going to do it all again with two more top-line special guests, Barry Holland and Derek White, bringing you the very finest rare and underplayed tunes, all only on original vinyl. Why not come along and join our friendly and knowledgeable regular crowd? With residents Alan Millington, Bri Pinches and John Moffatt, we kick off around 8.00pm and run to 12.30. Entry is only £3.