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20 Current Plays from Big Daddy Shack

Mark Bicknells current plays now and in the future. Thought it would be nice to list a few current and future plays out of DJ box one in time for a couple of major gigs coming up for myself including the Junction 11 Soul night this coming Saturday November 29th, Wolverhampton Civic Hall and The New Century Soul Club Allnighter both on Saturday December 6th.

 In no order - here goes.....

1. Little Nicky Soul - I Wanted To Tell You B/W You Said ( Shee ) You Said will be massive second time around an awesome double sider. My second copy in 18 years sold the first one for £25.00 back in 1983, Keb Darge made it a monster and its turned out to be super rare, check out The Four Arts - Who Do You Think You Are on the same logo...now finally have them both again.

 2. The Districts - One Lover ( Just Wont Do ) - ( Nile ) What can you say about this record simply shit rare and brilliant.

 3. Rufus Wood - Before 2001 ( Espanola ) So hard to find on the authentic original, I understand Bob Hinsley and Butch have also played this superb under played oldie recently.

4. Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman ( Tay ) Huge Detroit record which started off as a five pound unknown in the early 80s.

5. The Four Larks - I Still Love You ( Tower DJ ) Pure class flip side to Groovin At The Go - Go.

6. Jimmy Wallace - Ill Be Back ( Alfa ) Always finish a set with this great record.....says it all.

7. Clara Hardy - I Dream Of You ( Tuna ) Rated by Tim Brown as possibly one of the rarest records out of Detroit, possibly only three or four copies around of this one.

 8. The Mamselles - Open Up The Door To Your Heart ( And Let Love Out ) - ( ABC DJ ) So good needs playing all over the country, lists already at around £250.00 but seems to be rare.

 9. The Tempos - Ill Never Forget ( Diamond Jim ) Same backing track as Joe Matthews Shes My Beauty Queen on Thelma, this however is by far the better record and very hard to locate.

10. Jimmy Burns - I Really Love You ( Erica ) What can I say about this prime example of top class Chicago Soul servered ultra rare, got it from the man himself and most certainly one of my most treasured records.

11. The Ethics - Look At Me Now ( Vent ) Cheap as chips but what a class record.

12. Danny Woods - You Had Me Fooled ( Corec - tone ) Has to be one of the best Detroit/Northern records ever.

13. The Ascots - Anytime ( Mir A Don ) Hard to find group record with an awesome flip Sometimes I Wonder and very hard to find.

14. Jesse Johnson - Left Out ( Old Town ) Super rare black stock / issue copy of a quality Northern dancer.

15. Johnny Rodgers with the Nu tones - Make A Change ( Amon ) Another class Detroit cut my second copy, now sells for a fortune.

16. Billy Storm - Please Dont Mention Her Name ( HBR DJ ) Blue eyed but still a brilliant record, has it all.

17. Ty Karim - You Really Made It Good To Me ( Senator ) Ok it should be on Romark but I wont split hairs, awesome tune with another hidden gem of a flip side All At Once.

 18. Eddie Parker - Im Gone ( Awake ) This has to be the rarest record in my current DJ box, infact in my collection, one of the classic Northern Soul records of all time.

19. Larry Clinton - Shes Wanted ( Dynamo DJ ) As Above comments this is better than Sex, well almost, tell you what play this during love making and you will have it all.......

20. Cashmeres - Show Stopper ( Hem ) Another superb doubler header with the awesome Dont Let The Door Hit You Back on the flip. still so hard to find despite there being many copies out there. and many more...............

DJ rules and codes of conduct, only one really...... no bootlegs or pressings to be used or played at major venues, simple as that .......if it aint real dont play it. Just a quick thank you to all of the many promoters who have booked me throughout 2003 and its still not over yet, its always very much an honour to DJ at the gigs and still a pleasure and a joy to do, highlights for me this year have to be the Prestatyn weekender back in March, The Ritz in Manchester back in August, the recent Bisley Pavillion Soul night, Plintston for The Big O and Bury for Neil Jones all fantastic well attended gigs with packed dance floors which makes the DJ thing very easy.......... There are still a few blanks on my CV for next year as i would like to do The Drunken Monkey, Dome in London etc. but good things come to those who wait, but i do need some new records so bare with me...lol. And Finally the big one is almost here infact just under two weeks the first Allnighter happens at THE NEW CENTURY HOUSE IN MANCHESTER ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 6TH, the buzz on this is awesome and it will work trust me, a superb venue that has it all. I will post a final reminder here next week with all the details and ticket information.............. Its gonna be big.

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