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Boogaloo's 14th Anniversary - London 2014

Boogaloo's 14th Anniversary - London 2014 magazine cover

Ok, so a good night at Boogaloo on Saturday indeed, however after 14 years that doesn't really do it justice - I've been attending Boogaloo as a regular for the last ten years and it's given me some good soul friends, (Kev Moore educating me over original vinyl, talking tunes and bullshit with Magoo, Steve Clegg, Little Ian, Taff, Ginny and many others), my first ever guest DJ spot, the privilege of DJ'ing with top DJ's - Ady Croasdale, Jo Wallace, Chris Dale and the Boogalo...o residents, it's lead me onto the Kent Soul Club, Solid Hit Soul and many other do's and adventures in Northern Soul.


I've had some brilliant nights here and very few poor ones and never felt let down by Warren, Steve and Little Ian or the crowd in there.


I've opened the club for Warren and even closed it for him when he left for the 100 club and had great fun doing it.


Boogaloo has been around for so long, it seems fair game for people clashing their events with it, the 'we won't go this time it will be on again' attitude or 'let's try something new' but has kept going and in my mind, actually got better.


So a big thank you from me to Warren and Karen and fair play to you guys for keeping this going for all these years and putting something back into this world of ours. Long may it continue.


If you've not been for a while or indeed, never been, make the effort as this sort of night is what keeps the scene going.'





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SaxafoneJul 20 2014 11:28 AM


Nice write up Dave, the 14th anny was indeed good fun. As you mention, it was unfortunate that other events clashed with the anniversary.


A good turn out nonetheless and the seasonal appearance of Dave Greenhill's knees confirmed that summer had truly arrived.


Shame that it sounds like the venue won't be around much longer. It's a proper place. The cabaret on offer from the salubrious upper smoking terrace, which provides views into adjacent bathrooms and bedrooms is unique.


Hopefully Warren will retain his enthusiasm to find an other home for this long standing event on the London calendar.


Fingers crossed, he'll find somewhere with the quaint and authentic Dickensian dockland appeal of the King William, the previous venue. Black eyes, facial tattoos and knuckledusters - and that was just the barmaids......... :wicked:


Take a bow Warren and Karen :thumbup:




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Going Big



boogalooJul 25 2014 04:35 PM


Cheers for your comments Dave. I've had a hoot running the club over the last 14 years and always have run clubs with the mentality of 'I only do it because I enjoy doing it'. I've closed clubs down in the past when I've lost the enthusiasm and drive. Not the case with Boogaloosoul and love the fact that I've made some great mates, played some great records, loved some of those 'special moments' and because of this will do my best to keep the faith flowing for a few more years to come. Couldn't do it without those who've supported us for the last 14 years. Cheers Warren



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