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Marvin Smith Concert Cancelled

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Marvin Smith Concert Cancelled



Early this morning we received an email from Marvin Smith, cancelling his performance on the 15th November at the Wilton’s Soulful Sessions, on medical grounds.


Marvin has just been diagnosed with TMJ, a condition which affects the jaw and muscles of the face.


Val and myself are very sorry that this has happened, but the situation is obviously out of our control. We have put so much work and money into this event over the past year, and we are totally devastated with this news. We are not big time promoters, so the financial cost will be painful.


We will continue with the event on 15th November at the Wilton without Marvin, and will add to the DJ line up.


People who have purchased tickets and don’t want to attend, will be offered a full £20 refund.


However, we hope many of you will still attend the event, at a reduced admission charge, and allow us to give you your remaining refund on the night; this would help us logistically and financially to recover from this situation.


People who bought their tickets by Paypal and will not be attending on the night will be refunded in due course. We have your email and postal addresses so we will be in touch.


We know many of you have booked hotel accommodation and we are sorry for this inconvenience.


This event was dedicated to memory of the late Rick from Anglo (Richard Foster) and will still continue with that theme.


This is a major disappointment to everyone, including Marvin; he was so looking forward to performing at his concert, and now has a medical condition that could end his singing career.


We will still be selling Marvin’s Unissued Masters CD but sadly he won’t be there to sign them for you.


This is a major setback for us, but if you still attend the event the financial burden won’t be as great, and will allow us to continue next year with our plans to bring another artist over for her debut UK concert.


We are sincerely sorry.


David & Val Box (Boxy)

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