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Northern Soul Events - Weekend 30th October 2015

Northern Soul Events - Weekend 30th October 2015 magazine cover

With another weekend on its way, its time for a quick heads up on the Event Guide

Lot of events, but no weekenders! 
Though allnighter wise it seems that choice is the main thrust this weekend with 7 yep thats right I said 7 allnighters on Saturday, here are...


Let us all know how they get on via the reviews, am sure be appreciated

Friday and Saturday sees a busy soul nite category, The live category is showing shows from Shaun and Star (Europe) and Jocelyn Brown (London - Hideaway ) and the alldayers category is active as well. 

Tech wise, improvements continue in the background and with a major upgrade on its way (which will hopefully get rid of the remaining glitches)  very soon the future does looks shiney.

Reviews getting used and you can catch the event feature to see a wide range of them being posted, lengthy allnighter takes, some 'straight up' ones  and so on. 

Have to add a moderation request... do ask all members , if you are going to mention links to 'third party' sites such as facebook group pages etc then please do it in the main event info only!  Not the event comments, as while Soul Source is an easy going place, the sites event comments is setup to encourage discussion on the actual event not for members to plug other sites 

Mobile users can now get to the event guide direct via the new  'space shuttle' icon


Mobile Icon memory aid if needed...


Anyway thats almost it, you can catch all the events and all the info, reviews, maps, street views, comments, RSVPs, flyers etc can all be got to via the link at the top of every page...



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