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  1. Northern Soul Events - This Weekend 23th October 2015

    Latest word on the weekends event listings
  2. Horace takes a step back - 100 Club News

    Harboro Horace, aka Ady Croasdell, aka fish-face, has decided to put his feet up; actually just a couple of toes. Starting next year, two of the 6TS 100 Club all nighters will be run by ....
      1   oldsoulgit |
  3. Northern Soul Sunday - Events

    Sunday Soul Events seem to be an ever increasing feature of todays soul scene...
      3   Winsford Soul |
  4. Stafford Reunion, on hold

    But taking much of this on board have decided to use the date for a trail event to see if the interest is really there.
      8   Gointoagogo |
  5. Ann Sexton - Live At The Wilton - Saturday 14th November

    A Big Thank You - and - Ann Sexton Live At The Wilton...
      7   Roual Galloway |
  6. Willie Parker @ New Century Soul Allnighter - Nov 28th 2015

    Just off the ceefax - Willie Parker and full support band @ New Century soul Allnighter Nov 2015 More info on its way, initial first look details follow below
      8   Andyg |
  7. Second City Soul; Saturday 25th July - Venue Change

    Unfortunately, the Custard House has changed hands and the new owners have informed us over the weekend that they are closing the premises immediately, we presume for refurbishment. Short notice I know and we can only apologise. Many thanks indeed to our guest, Soul Funktion and Burnley man Sean Haydon, who has generously stepped in and we will running this Saturday's Second City Soul from the Soul Funktion venue at Walsall Wood Football Club.
  8. DJ Greg Belson European Tour 2015

    DJ Greg Belson European Tour 2015
      35   Greg Belson |
  9. Aberdeen - Groovin on the Green

    After much discussion and debates amongst friends / fellow soul music fans and collectors regarding the merits of Soul nights/events and venues ...
  10. Fundraiser All Dayer in honour of the late Micky Cruise

    Not sure if I'm in the correct category with this one but just wanted to say what a truly phenomenal dayer in honour of Micky Cruise.
      2   Byrney |
  11. Barraloadasoul 2015

    Latest word on the upcoming alldayer in Glasgow
      1   60ssoul |
  12. The Blackpool International Soul Festival

    Appearing exclusively at The Blackpool Soul Festival (BSF) 2016 - Bettye LaVette , Dee Dee Sharp, Bobby Hutton and Gerri Granger !
      13   Guest Richard S |
  13. 2015 Detroit Legends at Cleethorpes

    6TS is proud to announce that the live acts for Cleethorpes this year will be...
      8   Labeat |
  14. Soul Toon Events @ The Fed at Gateshead

    Paul Conroy has passed on the latest Soul Toon news for the rest of 2015<br />The Lancastrian suite Gateshead is home to Soul Toon Alldayers and Allnighters...<br />
      8   Headsy |
  15. Grumpy - April event at Runcorn now Cancelled

    Following a phone call this afternoon from the owner, we have been informed that there is an issue with the club's license which will take four weeks to resolve.What that means is that we have had to cancel the Grumpy session on Saturday 4th April.
      15   Russoul1 |
  16. Stone Foundation Euro Dates for 2015

    dates for 2015...
  17. Win a signed 45 and a ticket to the Four Perfections Allnighter

    Soul Source comps return with a bang, here's a 5 day chance to win a signed 45 and a ticket for the New Century 11th Anniversary Allnighter being held on the 29th of November 2014
      3   Guest Chris Waterman |
  18. Four Perfections Event and New 45 Latest - 29th Nov 2014

    Update on the appearance of The Four Perfections and news of a new 45 release at New Century Soul’s 11th Anniversary Allnighter on the 29th of his month
      18   Chalky |
  19. Marvin Smith Concert Cancelled

    Early this morning we received an email from Marvin Smith, cancelling his performance on the 15th November at the Wilton’s Soulful Sessions, on medical grounds...<br />
      5   Chalky |
  20. No Change of Hours - 100 Club Allnighter Sat 1st Nov 2014 updated

    After a lot of toing and froing we're finally back to our usual 11pm-6am hours
      2   Mike |
  21. Cancelled - Keni Burke - St Helens

    Just been informed this is now cancelled
      2   GJJ |
  22. Big Brum Record Fair - Sat 6th Sept 2014

    It's the BIG BRUM at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena Leisure Centre, <br />this coming Saturday 6th September
      5   Anoraks Corner |
  23. Lowton returns on Friday August 8th 2014

    Friday August 8th sees the return of the popular Lowton Civic Hall soul nights after the Summer break.
  24. Boogaloo's 14th Anniversary - London 2014

    Ok, so a good night at Boogaloo on Saturday indeed, however after 14 years that doesn't really do it justice
  25. NOISE Festival Submissions Deadline extended

    Briefly talked about this at the turn of the year, here's a sunsetting July final info shout

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