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Soul Discovery Top 50 For 2011/ Soul Discovery From The Vaults For 2011

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Soul Discovery Top 50 For 2011/ Soul Discovery From The Vaults For 2011 magazine cover

Soul Discovery Top 50 for 2011


1 .Roland Johnson "When I hold your hand" (Baby Al Music)

2. R. Jones /Curtis E. Scott "Fallin again" (CesWho Productions)

3. The Lost Generation and Friends ""You'll never find another love like mine" (Promo)

4. Mighty Good and Strong Band "Good to the last drop" (Mighty Good and Strong)

5. Guardian Sound Music "These are the words" (G.S.E.)

6. XXCeption To The Rule "Angle in Disguise" (Daxwood)

7. Lalah Hathaway "You were meant for me" (Stax)

8. Herdine "Tonight" Herdine

9. Truth "Just another dream" (DYOB)

10. Bashiri Asad "The distance" (Sound Patrol)

11. Carl Thomas "Don't kiss me" Verve Music Group

12. Edwinn Starr "Nothing but everything" (Turn Trax)

13. Greg Rose "Sending you a kiss" (Distrophonix)

14. Ron Henderson "I apologize" (RH)

15. Stan Ivory & Friends "Dance last forever" (Promo)

16. Superior Edwards feat: Charles Lasell Williams "Let's Chill" (S.I.N.G Productions)

17. JmAY "I Won't Hurt You" (JmAY)

18. Coalitions "The memory of you" (Soul Junction)

19. Daemine II "Alone " (Daebiz Productions)

20. Bradd Marquis "All my love" SoulMan

21. Audio feat: Vince Broomfield" "I've been watching you" (Soul Junction promo LP)

22. Michael Jefferies, Daughter & Son "Journey on a butterfly" (MJM)

23. Bill Spoon "I'll always love you" Soul Junction LP

24. Aretha Franklin "Put It Back Together" (Aretha's Records)

25. Victor Hayes "You won't make me cry" (Expansion)

26. Marjorie Ingram "Another woman involved" Hit & Run Promo 7'

27. Pastor Kevin E Stafford "So good" (Pastor Kevin E Stafford)

28. Brenda Vaughn "The worst is over" (B.International Entertainment)

29. The Revelations feat Tre Williams "Don't Wait" (Bandcamp)

30. Slim Moore and the Mar-Kays "Just can't get ahead" (Marlow)

31. Grandad Turner "My love is for real" (F Hammond Family)

32. Betty Wright & The Roots "Surrender"

33. William Green "In Your Eyes" SoulandJazz.com

34. Fil Straughan "I don't wanna hear it" (FS)

35. Paul Hardcastle "Ready or not" Trippin & Rhythm

36. Willie Clayton "Tell me" (Endzone)

37. Otis Williams "I Got To Have You" Soul Intention Promo 7'

38. Park Places "I keep on running" Chump Change

39. Marco 'Polo' Dixon My Inspiration feat. Mike Elder "My inspiration"

(Mark Dixon Company)

40. Cheryl Daniels "Key to my heart" (Sherry Berry)

41. Fel Davis feat: Le Lee "John Doe" (Amec)

42 Skip Boardley Jr "Sugar" (SBJ)

43. Bernard The Demonstration "Pitter Patter" (Bernard)

44. Jody Sticker "Enough for two" (CDS)

45. Bukeka "Got down on my knees and prayed" (Catapult)

46. LJ Reynolds"I will always love you" (Thompkins Media Group)

47. Al Olive "Slow down" (AL)

48. Omar Cunningham - Here I am

49. Rodney Mannsfield "I hear angels" (IDD)

50. Shaun Phoenix Moore "Bathe in my love" (SoundThought Recordings)


Soul Discovery from the Vaults for 2011

James Wallace "Be mine" (Darco) 12'

Glenn Ricketts "Make it with you" (Scorpio) LP

Chip Wills & The Double Exposure "I'm gonna gitcha" (Prix) 7'

White Family Band "Miss America stand up" (Duke) 7'

Chuck Brooks "You can't be in two place at the same time" (G.S.F.) 7'

Chris Bailey & Ray Alexandra "Long way home" (Lujun) LP

Johnny Adams "Going out of mind sale" (Rounder)

Carol King & The Kingetts "Lately baby" (J.C.& E.) 7'

C.J. Surge "Be my love" (Boston Heights) 12'

Bass Monkey feat: Flora Wilson "You are everything" (Apple Ray) 7'

Rick Webb & Raw Band "Don't keep me waiting" (U.C.I.) 12'

Rev Harvey Gates "Price of love"(Acqarian) 7'

Prince Ellis "Love will make you mind go wild" Ellis 7'

Cathy Davis "Here I am in love again" (Taurus) 7'

Benji McAllister "Have your way (fix me lord)" (Detmi) 7'

Lee 'Shot' Williams "It ain't me" (UA) 7'

Mahdi & Tracy "Who are you" (Indy 5) 7'

Jimmy Ruffin "This guy's in love with you" Motown

Gladys Knight "It takes a whole lotta man for a woman like me" (Soul) LP

Prince Royals "Circle of life" (Tune-Kel) 7'


Jazz Vibes Top Ten for 2011

1. Nat Birchall "Peace in Nineveh" (Sound Soul And Spirit)

2. Lina Nyberg Quintet "Invisible"(Prophone)

3. Gregory Porter "1960 what" /Black Nile (Motema)

4. Mattew Halsall "Music for a dancing mind" (Gondwana)

5. Maciej Fortuna Quartet "Lost Keys" (4Tuna)

6. Tomet Grochot feat: Eddie Henderson "Headprints" (Zaiks)

7. The Core - "Invitation" (Moserobie) .

8. Mel McGary "Black Narcissus Alttk (Meluke Music)

9. Simple Acustic Trio "Simple Jungle" (Not Two)

10. Our Park "Park" (HOOB)









Happy New Year and thank you


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