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The Last Ever CO72 - Oct 20th 2018

The Last Ever CO72 - Oct 20th 2018 magazine cover

A couple of things to report from the CO72 'bunker'. Firstly it is with trepidation and a touch of sadness , we have to announce that this....the 10th anniversary 20th Oct 2018 will be the FINAL CO72.....in its current guise

The three of us have decided to draw the curtains on what has been a FANTASTIC 10 years. It's been a difficult decision...but from where we started at the Ryan Hall Tunstall .


ryan hall 1.jpg

Us 3 musketeers have had an absolute ball in putting this together each year. It's been difficult promoting from 3 different locations in the UK over this period BUT make no mistake we've loved every minute of it. We couldn't have done this without the incredible support from ALL the CO72 enthusiasts over the years. 

There have been times when 'fate' intervened and tried its best to 'f**k us up...but it only made us more determined. So determined in fact that being a  part of CO72 .....you've managed to raise well over £30.000 towards the charities.

It really has been a labour of love and something that we wouldn't change for the world. Each year we have been overwhelmed with well wishers and enthusiasts 'willing' CO72 onwards and upwards



Highlights are TOO many to mention...but WHAT a journey, The ceiling falling in @ Ryan Hall halfway through Malcs Set, Nogger relieving himself in a milk bottle and it overflowing, Alan Days lift leaving him there and we had to have a whip round to put him up in a Hotel, Julian Bentley so pissed up he couldn't cue his records in nor talk, Swish thinking the speed control for the decks was the Volume control, Queen of fools by Pinky and Perky was brilliant, Nuns outside? The TA centre going to the Offey to buy more tinnies THREE TIMES. Weddings and Beef Burger Vans... we even had our own CO72 Mascot who like all you ole buggers managed to get there somehow each year 




We've lost a few along the way who will/are sadly missed and this has helped drive us on to continue for 10 glorious years. Its almost become a little club, with new 'members' joining each year to see what these 'old farts' at CO72 are doing 🙂

We REALLY want to thank you ALL ...you've made 3 old men...even older lol !!

So this is the LAST one this year...here at this new venue In Stoke on Trent (its spiritual home of course).....

Ok secondly whilst we are laying to rest the 'Old Girl' that is CO72..we shall continue in a very very similar vein....that is a pure annual charity event..but under different promoters.. Jez will continue on..at the helm of this new venture.. ably assisted with some local 'ne'er do well's' !!

News of that later in the year....BUT in the meantime please try and attend this last CO72.....where us 3 musketeers will make fools of ourselves one more time ..!!'

So just ONE more time join us for the 2018 CO72 10th anniversary @ Florence Sports and Social Club in S-o-T on Oct 20th

Running from 1pm through till 12.01am

As a BIG THANK YOU to all our patrons a special promotion for 10th anniversary ...FIRST 50 get in FREE OF CHARGE.. thereafter there will be an £8 door charge to go towards the nominated charities


This will feature 2 rooms -- - -


A main room hosting the CO72 classics......

and a second room featuring 'Guilty Pleasures' !!!!

This is a 5 STAR venue and will provide a fitting backdrop for our 10th Anniversary.....

As we've always said 'Those who know the score....know the score


All the best

Malc, Jez and PD


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Enjoyed every  minute of the CO72 wonderful  memories with great friends 

You guys can hold your heads up High with the brilliant   work you put into making the annual event so successful..

The event has always been an highlight of the year for me


Love, Peace  & Happiness  Always 

Ian  Cunliffe 

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11 hours ago, JulianB said:

Me pissed? - I don't remember🤣


Of course Julian...I believe you ! 🙂


What I do remember is 5 or 6 CO72ers lifting Nogger's wheelchair carefully up those flight of stairs at Ryan Hall...very much in 'Chuckle brother' mode...'from me to you...you to me' etc etc

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Another memory from one of the early CO72's was the inimitable 'Barmy Barry' with his rather impromptu and rsique greeting over the mic to Doris. Doris was one of the original 'cloakroom' girls at the Torch !!

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Just came across this...I think it was penned by the late Dave Turner (RIP) from Lincolnshire......a top lad and staunch enthusiast of CO72 from the get go...

Brings a lump to lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.

In a place called Tunstall, near Stoke-on-Trent

A very special club, that I did frequent

By road or rail, we all made our way there

How we got home well we just didn't care

Because to dance all night, was our thing

To Sam and Kitty, or "Shingaling"

The Kingspinners played, the whole night through

Eddie Parker, The Shakers and "I Still Love You"

One week there would be, a brand new sound

The next it was yours, for just a pound

Hoagy Lands, Rose Battiste, and Nolan Chance

Roy Hamilton and Little Caesar, made everybody dance

The Torch fans danced, the night away

Showing off the steps, they practiced each day

Some sliding and spinning, others seemed to flaot around

These were the very best dancers, there were to be found

I've Been Hurt "Landslide", and "He Who Picks a Rose"

"Rat Race" "Thumb a Ride", the list just grows

"Personally" "I'm Standing", "Crying Over You"

"Angel Baby" "One in a Million", and "What Would I do"

Junior Walker, Bob and Earl, and Doris Troy

Fontella Bass, Edwin Starr, they were all a joy

But When "Live at the Torch", was recorded by Major Lance

It was one night there wasn't, any room to dance

Each morning all too soon, when it was time to go

Jimmy Radcliffe rang out loud, to finish off the show

As the soul fans made, their way out of the door

They all knew that they, would be back for sure

When I look back on the Torch, the thing that stands out

I feel honoured to have been, of this I have no doubt

The Golden Torch may be, 35 years gone

But in my heart, The Torch lives Right On!!

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Further reflections on our past 10years of CO72.....remembering when we were 'evifcted' from Ryan Hall (due to its closure)...we had to frantically find another venue at 2 or 3 weeks notice..we wanted to keep it in S-o-T to minimise disruption ....therefore we ended up at the Queens at Basford .....yes the very same (for locals of a certain age) that hosted the infamous 'grab a granny' nights in the 70;s 🙂

Well Paul Donnelly had organised a coach load of CO72 revellers from over there in the Fens.....

All good so far..until we realised ..mmm Pauls a bit late with his coachload..

After several phone calls ..trying to determine where the f==k are you?...

It transpires that him,coach driver and said revellers are LOST !!

Picture the scene..me trying to explain where the Queens is......as he drives round and round and round Newcastle u Lyme...for those that know 'Castle is a pain to negotiate and get your bearings...one ways, bit of a ring road...and all roads either lead to Hanley or M6 !!!....organised chaos comes to mind......!!!...eventually they arrive about an hr late....with me virtually going out to middle of the road to flag em down !! before they end up on the A500 again !!...phew it aint easy lol !!

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