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BBC 4 Roots, Reggae, Rebellion - A New Documentary

BBC 4 Roots, Reggae, Rebellion - A New Documentary magazine cover

On TV this Friday 11 November 2016  BBC FOUR has the first showing of Roots, Reggae, Rebellion documentary lined up for 22:00hrs 

'In the 1970s, Jamaica came alive to the sounds of roots reggae. British rapper, poet and political commentator Akala tells the story of this golden period in the island's musical history, a time when a small group of musicians took songs of Rastafari, revolution and hope to the international stage...'

BBC 4 Roots, Reggae, Rebellion Youtube Music Trailer


BBC Roots, Reggae, Rebellion clip

In this documentary, Akala sets out to find out more about the music that has had such an impact on his life. He begins by exploring the music's origins in Jamaica where it offered hope to ordinary people at a time when poverty, political violence and turmoil were ravaging the island.

BBC Roots, Reggae, Rebellion Page - click


Black and British

The doc is part of the BBC Season Black and British

Black and British is a season of programming celebrating the achievements of black people in the UK and exploring the rich culture and history of black Britain.

Running throughout November 2016, with programming across BBC television, radio and online, the Black and British season showcases bold, vibrant and provocative stories, overturning preconceptions and challenging prejudices. The season will also cast a fresh light on our history, examining the contribution and impact of black people in the UK, as well as exploring just what it means to be black and British today. Join in the conversation using the hashtag #BlackandBritish.

Full details on this season can be found here


and a list of all the tv shows part of this season are listed here


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I'll be watching this tonight - lets hope they give proper mention to some of the great British reggae bands of the late 70s and early 80s - Steel Pulse, Aswad and Black Slate to name a few!! We'll see!!



Taped this and just watched it now, that was worse than some of the northern soul "documentaries", the lowlight for me was some white ginger haired bird, completely fucking up, explaining what the Rasta phrase "I & I" meant. Piss poor IMHO.



I think she was Bob Marley's publicist through Island

It was quite a good 'beginners guide' 

As a white brit, roots reggae is understandably more resonant to a black audience as the lyrics speak of black history and slavery, as well as African roots

I am falling more in love with this music, just as we white boys dug the blues in the early 60's

It's a shame the skinhead crowd find it boring, although I'm secretly glad they stay in their cul de sac

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