Billy Jackson R I P


Tom Moulton has reported on Facebook that Billy Jackson (philly producer / writer) has passed. Billy had been very ill for a while and it seems he failed to recover. R I P. 

Billy worked with the likes of Chubby Checker, the Orlons, the Tymes, Frankie Beverly & Butlers, Damon Fox, Reffa, Ronnie Dyson & many more. 

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BTW, some discogs list Billy as being the guy who also worked in Detroit (as 'Billy the Kid' on cuts by Theresa Lindsay & Pat Lewis). That wasn't so. That was Gene Dozier (after his spell with Motown), Gene using the name of a 'more famous' Philly guy to get 'an IN' with the folks in Detroit.


Someone who knows the Philly recording scene better than me should do a full run-down on Billy's many musical achievements.


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It's now being reported that Billy Paul has passed (though earlier this was thought to be a scam). Seems that it is unfortunately true !!!


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Walter Wilson's Wand 45 was another BeJax classic.


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What, this one .............



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Boy! what a loss Billy Jackson was up there with the greatest. Working with the other Philadelphia heros, Wisner, Bell & Renzetti he made some great stuff. RIP genius.

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He also co-wrote one of the biggest Northern songs of all time- "You Didn't Say A Word" by Yvonne Baker.

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This is one of his finest moments for me. Writer and producer of such a moving song. RIP


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I remember Richard had him on his Jazz fm show many moons ago now, absolutely fascinating interview, still got the tape somewhere. 

Such a wonderful body of work to look back on.

Personal fave is Frank Beverley and the Butlers " Love your pain goes deep"

R.I.P Billy.

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He certainly was responsible for an incredible amount of quality output over many decades R.I.P. & condolences to his family & close friends


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I met him in London. Boy, what a privilege. One of The Revels (midnight stroll) too. I think he did stuff for Lee Andrews as well. He played me songs recorded in the late 50's off his laptop that had never been released. They were hits. Unbelievable. He told me his RCA Tymes stuff, the rhythm was recorded in New York, but strings and horns done in Philly, arranged by Richard Rome. It is he singing lead on Trustmaker. He was trying to get the group to sing like he wanted and he showed them, recorded it and he kept it on the track! He was the most complementary person, it was not always about him. 


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