Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul - New Kent Records releases

Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul - New Kent Records releases magazine cover

Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul 

The latest releases from Kent have just hit the streets running this weekend. First off word about a 'tie in release'....

Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul CDKEND 463

As always an informative booklet accompanies, 18 pages of photos and hard core soul info.


Release Notes Preview

'In the 60s and 70s, Nashville was a hothouse of R&B, soul and jazz. Bob Holmes was a central character.

With the publication of E Mark Windle’s book House Of Broken Hearts, the city of Nashville’s black music scene is being studied in detail for the first time since Kent issued the CDs “Uptown Down South” and “Music City Soul” in the late 90s. To coordinate with the book we are releasing another compilation of Nashville soul, this time concentrating on the work of multi-talented songwriter, producer and arranger Bob Holmes. Those earlier CDs featured Excello/A-Bet and Poncello/Ref-O-Ree recordings respectively. This new collection also draws from those sources, plus Bob Holmes’ personal tapes and other third-party licenses. The time span is 1965 to 1980.... '

Ady Croasdell

@ady croasdell

The full release notes for 'Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul' by Ady Croasdell can be read via Ace Records website and the link follows...

Track Listing and Preview clips

Side 1

  • 01 Preview  Runaway Girl - The Hytones
  • 02 Preview  Leave It Up To The Boys - Sandra King
  • 03 Preview  Got To Get Used To You - The Avons
  • 04 Preview  Sweet Way Of Living - Peggy Gaines
  • 05 Preview  I Dedicate My Life To You - Roger Hatcher
  • 06 Preview  You Must Leave Her Because You Love Her - The Paramount Four
  • 07 Preview  Don't Make Me Look So Bad - Freddie North
  • 08 Preview  You Never Had It So Good - Eddie Frierson
  • 09 Preview  Girl Watching On Broadway - Little Rock Brotherhood
  • 10 Preview  The Streets Got My Lady - Bill Brandon
  • 11 Preview  Under Your Powerful Love - Joe Tex
  • 12 Preview  Somebody Somewhere - Gene Allison
  • 13 Preview  Grooviest Thing This Side Of Heaven - Wendell Watts
  • 14 Preview  Tip On In Pt 1 - Slim Harpo
  • 15 Preview  I Can't Love Nobody But You - Roscoe Shelton
  • 16 Preview  Don't Let It Get You Down, Boy - Freddie Waters
  • 17 Preview  Say Boy - The Tydes
  • 18 Preview  Oo Gilly Baby - The Avons & The Hytones
  • 19 Preview  I've Got My Baby - The Hytones
  • 20 Preview  Crying Won't Help You Now - Johnny Truitt
  • 21 Preview  Right In The Palm Of Your Hand - Jimmy Church
  • 22 Preview  I Know (It's All Over) - The Golden Bond
  • 23 Preview  Steady - Eddie & Freddie
  • 24 Preview  Let's Try Love Again - Ruthie



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Thinksmart profile photo


This is a brilliant release that has a broad spread of Northern, Deep, Modern and Southern soul.  Don't miss this one.

Windlesoul profile photo


Was a pleasure to contribute to the notes on this CD. Some superb unreleased recordings and lesser heard tracks; really showcases the diversity of Bob Holmes' talent within musical styles and across the decades. Thoroughly recommended.


WheelCity45 profile photo


Freddie North "Don't Make Me Look So Bad" & Wendell Watts were the winners of this disc for me all essential tracks anyway but those 2 had repeats on my home system the hairs were up on my neck which is a rarity itself these days i highly rate this cd & recommend for real soul fans.

Thanks ady & the kent team for all the hard work,

Kind regards,


Chalky profile photo


Another essential compilation, Ace/Kent just keep coming up with the goods.  This one quality throughout as you would expect and again a mine of information in the booklet.

Thinksmart profile photo


Regarding Freddie North's music on this compilation, they have issued a dedicated CD to him this month too which is also great.

Chalky profile photo


3 hours ago, ThinkSmart said:

Regarding Freddie North's music on this compilation, they have issued a dedicated CD to him this month too which is also great.

great it is too, as you rightly say

Mickey Finn profile photo


Wonderful comp, and grateful as always for the liner notes.

According to the original release, the Ruthie track is lifted from an album, "Just for love". Was that ever released? The only other release I can find on Guiding Light Records out of Wisconsin is Bob Fisher, "Lucifer is back in town", also released in 1980. Was there anything else released or just stored away in the can from this period?

Appreciate any help.

Illusive profile photo


Late picking this one up, but so glad I finally have. 

Of the unissued tracks Eddie Frierson "You never had it so good" is the winner and simply fantastic to these ears.

Packed full of quality tracks, just an outstanding compilation once again from Ady and the guys at Kent.

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