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Book - I Searched For Soul and Found The Stars - Gilly

Book -  I Searched For Soul and Found The Stars - Gilly magazine cover

My forthcoming book.

I Searched For Soul and Found The Stars.

Well at last I can announce that this much anticipated book will be available for your pleasure in November 2020.

It tells of the 5 trips I made to the States (85-94) and along with others, what we got up to, record finds, and more importantly who we met and the quality time with those people 'The Stars' that we met along the way. In most cases a first for anyone outside the USA.

From day one it has always been my intention to put into words these talented peoples legacy, and for their families going forward to know just what an impact they had on peoples lives here in the UK. Their musical creations, from singer, backing bands, label owners, and studio engineers, not only formed our lives but some could claim, gave us our lives.

This music that was sadly ignored on the day of it's creation in the States has stood the test of time, interest has grown world wide, and in part has found it's way back to the States.

Here are a few prominent features from each trip that I made

Trip 1 in this myself, Guy Hennigan, and Chris King, spent time with "Popcorn" Wylie and his wife Gloria. Pat Lewis held a party for us three, and in attendance were George Clinton, George McGregor, Don Davis, Belita Woods, Sandra Richardson. (Dance Fever) In this trip we spent time with Lorraine Chandler, Gino Washington, Casablanca,(James Stanford) Edward Wolfrum, Artie Fields, Barbara Acklin.

2nd trip, on my own. I stopped with "Popcorn" Wylie and his wife for a week. He took me over to meet Dave Hamilton, which eventually led through ACE/KENT a massive amount of unreleased stuff. Spent a few hours with Barney "Duke" Browner. Met "Popcorn's" mother his brother, and his cousin who was in the Superlatives.

Trip 3 myself and everyone' s favourite Andy Tats Taylor, on this trip we spent a week with Melvin Davis, found at the time the biggest mystery of Richard Searling's c/up the Rose Valentine and the Sisters Three song 'When He's Not Around' the now familiar name of Little Ann Bridgeforth 'What should I Do' spent quality time with Bettye Lavette, and meeting Tony Johnson of Tony and Tyrone.

Trip 4 myself, Tats, and Rob Wigley, spending a day with Johnnie Mae Mathews, her daughter Audrey (Kaiya) and Chuck, Johnnies son, of the ADC Band and drummer on the Black Nasty 45s. (you must have seen the video footage of 'I Have No Choice' taken that day)

Trip 5 myself and John Kingan, spending time with the owner of the SVR, Ranger, and FGS label, provisionally arranging the deal on Dave Hamilton's master tapes that eventually yielded up names such as James Lately, OC Tolbert, and so many more that got released through Ace.

There are a few UK stories involving the stars, I tell.


OK that's the run down on what to expect, it's an easy book to read (I know, I wrote it) Hoping to retail this at around £25-27 and from that I want to donate a modest amount to the Kettering General Hospital (stroke unit) something close to my heart, and something that might be a million years away from anyone's thoughts, right up until it happens.


For now I have set up a dedicated email address; gillybook@btinternet.com

I'm not looking for deposits, just a number indication for the final product which will be a hard back edition only. Containing about 60k + words and photos of which most won't have seen before. 

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Ezzie Brown


hi gilly.....well done bro..........keep one for me please. thanks,ez

Imperial C


Congratulations Gilly. 2 For me please. email sent 

Pete C




from me, just an update in saying thank you for all the responses, make sure you send any requirements to the dedicated email address.....  gillybook@btinternet.com   cheers 

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