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Cannonball Records - New Releases 2021 3 x 45s + Book

Cannonball Records - New Releases 2021 3 x 45s + Book magazine cover

Latest Cannonball Records newsletter leads to some tasty tunes

Three Brand New Records and One Book

Welcome to our Easter weekend newsletter. Please forgive us for the long read, there are so many things on the table we have tried hard to keep it short.


1st Italian Edition SOLD OUT (under repress)
English Edition Available May 2021
Read the 5 extensive excerpts out of the 15 chapters
of the opera available on our website

In addition to the story of a professional rebirth in difficult circumstances, this book contains everything you could ask for in a modern on the road adventure between present times and distant past. You will read words like Funk, Motown, and Philly, or artist’s names like Lonnie Liston Smith, Gil Scott Heron and The Drifters. You will meet unknown artists, wonderful characters, ordinary and unique at the same time; instruments from another era such as the Revox, magnetic tapes, Sound Burgers and ribbon microphones. Yes, there is music, but there are also Art, History, Metropolitan Ghettos, Emotions and even the Italian American mafia, in a tasty cocktail from which it is impossible to separate. IMPORTANT: Due to different packaging and postage FUNK INVESTIGATORS will ship from Italy and can't be ordered alongside records.

Preorder English Version or Italian 2nd Edition


"That's Why I Love you"

OUT MAY 2021 

This one was recorded soont after Clyde Wilson (Steve's actual name) left Motown to work with Don Davis after several troubled attempts to hit the charts with quite a few songs and performing combos. The incredible Don Davis was great proud jazz musician, record producer, label owner and an overall great entrapreneur not just in the music sector, as he was the first black banker America had ever seen at the time. Among his many talents Mr. Davis had the dream of blending the two most influencial sounds of the american sixties, the Memphis Sound of Stax (a label he worked with) and the Detroit Sound of Motown. To do so, in the late 60s he bought Detroit’s finest recording studio United Sound while working also with Muscle Shoals in Memphis to produce several of the more rhythmic tracks of some of his artists. At the dawn of ’66 Don Davis welcomed a disappointed Clyde Wilson after his multiple failures with Motown and pushed him to change his artist’s name in Steve Mancha as “see, Clyde Wilson ain’t really cutting the pie”. The demo take of “That’s Why I Love You” was recorded within the Detroit - Memphis workflow alongside several other cuts which never saw the light of the day. 

Preorder Steve Mancha's "That's Why I Love You"

Steve Mancha "That's Why I Love You"



"I Still Love"


Written and produced by Gail Lou and Shawn V. Lucas, Executive Producers Alberto Zanini & Yann Vatiste A pumping ground-to-air dance missile written and produced at the dawn of the new century by a duo with some huge music background. Hailing from Montclair State University, Gail Lou is an acclaimed performer, musical director and vocal coach. Her vocal performances in Tri-State’s recording sector, as both lead singer and background vocalist, span from R&B, Gospel, Jazz, to Soul and electronic Dance. Alongside Shawn Lucas, who’s the behind-the-scene producer of the duo, she’s been laying down compositions for music releases and opera and teathre shows soundtracks. 

Preorder Gail Lou's "I Still Love"

Gail Lou "I Still Love" 


"Here Comes the Rain"


The amazing singer from our best selling artists duo The Swans of New England delivers this stunning soul take on the Eurithmycs classic from the 80’s givin’ evidence that soul music can turn everything from average limestone bricks to precious gold bars. Of course it was necessary to provide Coco’s vocals with the right arrangement but it’s just a slight contribution to the developement of this very Tesla Groove fashioned sound exploration. Sure this experiment will kind of shock some of you but in all honesty we are all about takin’ on new paths of discovery.

Preorder Coco's "Here Comes the Rain"

Coco Collier "Here Comes the Rain" 


The below link takes you to more info and preorder pages... 


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