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Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5

Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5 magazine cover

Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5 CDKEND 485

The tail of this month (October 2019) delivers the releases of Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5 from Kenmt Records,  it's now 15 years on since the last release in this series, volume 4 and as well 15 years on from Dave Godin's passing on. The album release notes explain the background and such behind this gap in depth, along with the selection and make up of the tracks, a preview can be read below.

The album offers 25 tracks, which include songs that were not available for selection on previous volumes at the time. The booklet includes an interview with Dave by Jon Savage. With track descriptions both from Dave's B&S magazine words and also guest writers.

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Release Notes Preview by Ady Croasdale aka @Ady Croasdell

15 years on from “Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures Volume 4”, and from Dave’s death, we present the next 25 sides of significance – selected by Dave, including some he wanted from day one of the series.

It was 1995 when Dave approached me to compile his “Deep Soul Treasures” CD series. He was emerging from a few years away from the scene, and had just started to write about soul music again in a column for Dave Rimmer’s Soulful Kinda Music magazine. The next year, he would contribute sleeve notes for our first “Birth Of Soul” CD which I had compiled with Ace Records director Trevor Churchill, a friend of Dave’s from the 60s. I had read Dave’s columns avidly in the early 70s but had not known him to any degree until he contacted me, thanking me for the inclusion of the Just Brothers’ ‘She Broke His Heart’ on Kent’s “Soul Cities” LP. After developing a working relationship with Ace, he and I began work on the “Treasures” series with the Just Brothers featuring on...

The full release notes can be read (along with more images and purchase options) via  https://acerecords.co.uk/dave-godins-deep-soul-treasures-volume-5


 Audio Preview

Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5 Track Listing

  1. Who Knows - The Soul City

  2. Without Love - Ronnie Taylor

  3. Don't Pass Me By - Big Maybelle

  4. Where Is the Party - Helena Ferguson

  5. Dead! - Carolyn Sullivan

  6. Home Is Where the Hatred Is - Esther Phillips

  7. I Ain't Got to Love Nobody Else - The Masqueraders

  8. I'll Be There (To Make Love to You) - Mark IV

  9. I'm Not the One - Kenny Carter

  10. Somebody New - The Emotions

  11. (Until Then) I'll Suffer - Barbara Lynn

  12. Foolish Fool - Dee Dee Warwick

  13. My Desires Are Getting the Best of Me - George Jackson

  14. These Ain't Raindrops - James Carr

  15. Standing at the Crossroads - Eddie & Ernie

  16. Can't Last Much Longer - Betty Harris

  17. Lovers Always Forgive - Gladys Knight

  18. Every Night (I Pray) - The Chantels

  19. Satisfaction Guaranteed - Judy White

  20. Right Here Is Where You Belong - Jerry Washington

  21. I Will - Lattimore Brown

  22. It's Too Late (For Tears) - Renee Bailey

  23. All I Want Is You - Zilla Mayes

  24. What Can I Do (Without You) - Linda Jones

  25. Nothing Can Change This Love I Have for You - Z.Z. Hill

In 1997, Dave Godin launched his first Deep Soul Treasures CD. Of the genre he had so masterfully identified, Godin noted, "It is certainly the music of the outsider," before adding that this glorious music he had so skilfully hewn from the rich musical landscape of black America, was, "a form of therapy by which we are brought face to face, with the worst thing we think could happen to us but by experiencing it through the artistic metaphor, we learn the lesson..."

Source Magazine Comments



15 years since volume 4......seems incredible that all that time has elapsed since I brought and enjoyed these CD's. 1-4 were tremendous compilations, containing no end of ultra high quality material. The listing here looks to be up to the high standard already set.

Impossible not to order a copy.

  • Up vote 1


Am I right in saying some of these tracks have Northern flips?

Try as I might, I can't wholesale get into deep soul. Sacrilegious I know, but there you are.


Michael V


Yes- Soul City's 'Who Knows' is the flip of 'Everybody Dance Now' and Barbara Lynn's 'Until Then I'll Suffer' is the flip of ' Take You Love And Run'-two great double-siders for a start

Rick Cooper


15 minutes ago, Michael V said:

Yes- Soul City's 'Who Knows' is the flip of 'Everybody Dance Now' and Barbara Lynn's 'Until Then I'll Suffer' is the flip of ' Take You Love And Run'-two great double-siders for a start

Soul City's "Who Knows" is a revelation as going by Everybody Dance Now I'd never have thought the group could sound so different and produce a stunning version of the song. Barbara Lynn never made a bad record so no surprise there.

The Helena Ferguson track is the flip of My Terms so also a good double -sider.

Got the CD a few days ago and just as good as the other four. How about volume 6 ?

Baz Atkinson


Just got it there are simply soul records on this compilation to die for ! Jerry Washington Zilla Mayes George Jackson Eddie and Ernie as usual the quality is of the radar no 5 has set the bar even further which is a brilliant for those who love their deep soul fix ! 

  • Up vote 1


Waiting for my copy to drop through the letterbox. Looks like a deserving addition to the series and looking forward to reading the usually excellent sleeve notes. 



A must for every soul music fan

  • Up vote 2

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