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Derek Martin - Crowdfunding Album Project

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Derek Martin - Crowdfunding Album Project magazine cover

The below was passed on via @ady croasdell 

it seems to be all about helping Derek Martin get a new album out kickstarter crowdfunding type project

The project info follows below

Let's help DEREK MARTIN to take out his new album.

I wanted to inform you that we need help for Derek !

The project


We are a group of 6 ISCOM students  who fell in love with the voice of « Happy » from C2C. While looking for the singer, we found out it was created by Derek Martin and were deeply moved by his extraordinary personal history.

He started life in 1938 in a ghetto in Detroit, MI (USA) and life brought him all the way to Paris where he lives today.

"And we see the flame in young people eyes,

When we see light in old people ones"

Victor Hugo


Born in the heart of the segregation era, Derek Martin never let animosity get in his way. As long as he can remember, he has always been inhabited by a deeper force : Music.Even if you prefer rock and roll, jazz, rap, or classical music, you can not help but be moved by his voice, coming from the soul and gospel tradition, he has the ability to touch everyone who hears him and his voice has the ability of  delivering a cultural message of fraternity.
If you can support our Crowdfunding !
Initiative to boost good vibes around him... 
Thank you in advance ...




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