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Derek Martin in 2015 - Available

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Derek Martin in 2015 - Available magazine cover

Had a call the other day from Laurent from France, who told me that as well as being a friend of Derek Martin he is currently acting as his manager.

And was interested in contacts with soul event organisers

His words say it better...


"He lives in Paris for a couple of years now and I'm acting as his friend and 'manager' to help him out making a living. He is 76 but still very fit (he does push ups and sit-ups every day!) and of course still has his incredibly nice and friendly personality that shows through when he is in front of people singing.


He has a very nice personality, very charming and extremely giving to others. He actually told me once that his real ambition would be to have 'healing powers' to cure people! However, he really struggles to find shows where audiences are really into soul music, so I would really welcome any contacts with soul event organisers that are possibly looking for new live acts or contacts with soul clubs who would potentially like him to perform a couple of songs onstage at the peak hour of the night, to boost the ambiance"


There you go, add to the mix recent appearances at Cleethorpes Weekender and 100 Club Allnighter, then if you are involved in any events and looking for something extra then this may just be of interest!


Dreks Website which includes videos...



The website (via above link) has more videos including a french "...got talent" tv clip and has contact detail for bookings etc


Laurent email is



Derek Martin - Daddy rolling stone - Live at the Euroyeye 2013






edited to fix name error with the manager

His first name is Laurent (as in Larry) not Julia (the family name)


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Liked his showcase appearance at the 100 Club all nighter when he sang along to backing tracks (Sly Girl included) . Worked well I thought and similar occasional showcases would be nice in future.

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