EBay High Flyers - Most Valued Soul Records - March 2017

EBay High Flyers - Most Valued Soul Records - March 2017 magazine cover

A lookback at the last 30 days on ebay with a listing of the most valued players from the last 30 days or so.

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Rob Wigley profile photo


Checkerboard squares I quote 

"Record was TEST PLAYED and plays through fine with background noise except the final 10 to 15 seconds on the "Double Cookin'" side that sticks (repeats). Selling "as is" because it is very hard to find and would make a good "starter" copy for someone"

Well if you bought this and want to ""up grade" please PM me mine plays right through without jumping or sticking !!

Hammie profile photo


Cant believe anybody paid that much for a risky non playing copy........madness, utter madness:ohmy:

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