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EBay High Flyers - Most Valued Soul Records - Feb 2017

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EBay High Flyers - Most Valued Soul Records - Feb 2017 magazine cover

Time for a overdue look at some of the most recent ebay high finishers...
Ebays latest big northern soul record auctions as at February 2017 

 Soul Record Auctions - Recent Completed Auctions [Sorted By Value]

Joseph Webster Mighty Chevelles My Love Is So Strong .. $9390.00  Ended 25 Jan  
Magnetics Lady In Green Heart You Re Made Of Stone .. $6655.00  Ended 23 Jan  
70s Soul Hamilton Movement She S Gone Look-Out Hear $4805.00  Ended 01 Jan  
70s Soul - Faye Hill - Gonna Get Even - Blue Dolphin - .. $4494.00  Ended 22 Jan  
Tomangoe S I Really Love You Washpan Original Detroit .. $4175.25  Ended 29 Nov  
Norma Jenkins The Dolls The Airplane Song Maltes.. $3427.77  Ended 16 Feb  
Rarity 60 S Soul Brothers Inc Salem 500 Tear Dro.. $3137.00  Ended 09 Jan  
Ricardo Marrero The Group Sealed Lp A Taste Super-Rar.. $3051.00  Ended 30 Dec  
N O W Neoterics Of Wisdom Special Modern Soul Boogie.. $2978.00  Ended 25 Jan  
Hopkins Bros Shake Cheri Your Kiss Of Fire Magnetik .. $2789.00  Ended 18 Dec  
Power Of Attorney Changing Man Funk Soul Spiritual Br.. $2627.77  Ended 10 Feb  
Two Sisters From Bagdad La Vice Co S Orig Private Fun.. $2618.00  Ended 26 Jan  
Doc Peabody Here Without You Both Sides Ohio Mode.. $2563.50  Ended 13 Dec  
The Yum Yums Gonna Be A Big Thing Looky Mega Promo Vg $2500.00  Ended 03 Dec  
Kenyatta Kick It Off Movin Music Ultra 70s Soul Funk.. $2500.00  Ended 25 Jan  
Hear Super Yum Yums Abc 10697 Gonna Be A Big Thing Or.. $2482.89  Ended 22 Jan  
Larry Clinton Shes Wanted Acetate Holy Grail 1 Sided .. $2385.61  Ended 22 Jan  
Notations Trying My Best To Find Her Ultra Tad Mp3 $2312.00  Ended 25 Jan  
Modern Soul Boogie - Ritz Band - I Should Have Known - .. $2247.00  Ended 23 Jan  
Matt Lucas Baby You Better Go Go Original 45 $2247.00  Ended 01 Feb  
Detroit Sounds Of Friction - I M Leaving You Stop .. $2247.00  Ended 05 Feb  
Traditions On Fire My Heart Artco 102 1st Press Nea.. $2237.77  Ended 01 Feb  
Don Varner Tear Stained Face Listen $2176.00  Ended 04 Dec  
Kings Of Soul-Is Your Love For Me-Down To Earth 78-Ultr.. $2136.00  Ended 02 Feb  
Soul Superiors Ft Sherman Willis-Your Love Is Super Go.. $2122.00  Ended 04 Dec  
I J Harris All Ready To Go Ultra 70s Soul Funk Cash Mp3 $2112.00  Ended 25 Jan  
Extremely De-Lites On Cuppy - Lover Tell Me Why $2062.00  Ended 11 Jan  
Notations Now I Know Ultra Sweet Soul Cash Mp3 $2050.00  Ended 25 Jan  
Bob Ohiri His Uhuru Sounds- Uhuru Aiye Ashiko Raw Po.. $2026.00  Ended 05 Feb  
Sjob Movement- Friendship Train Nemi Afro Psych Soul F.. $2025.00  Ended 05 Feb  
Frankie Beverly The Butlers Very Because Of My Heart $2000.00  Ended 07 Jan  
Crossover Soul - Just Us - We Ve Got A Good Thing Going.. $1977.00  Ended 19 Feb  
- Grey Imprint - Do You Get The Message - Clear Hill.. $1927.00  Ended 12 Dec  
Jessie Jesse James - Are You Gonna Leave Me Someone T.. $1910.55  Ended 28 Jan  
Segun Bucknor Heavy Nigeria Afro Funk Afro Beat Thr.. $1905.00  Ended 13 Dec  
70s Soul Funk 7 Miles Per Hour Band Latin Freak Music C.. $1895.00  Ended 27 Nov  
70s Soul Mixed Feelings Sha-La-La United Hear $1891.60  Ended 05 Feb  
Tomorrows People Open Soul Mega Private Soul Funk Origi.. $1812.87  Ended 28 Nov  
Funk Black Truth Band Butter Nut Black Truth Hear $1805.00  Ended 28 Nov  
Notations Gonna Get Ready Trying My Best Tad Chicago .. $1802.00  Ended 18 Dec  
The Nice Sensation- Have A Nice Sensation Jmc Afro Boo.. $1778.00  Ended 29 Jan  
Crossover Soul Funk Experience Unlimited You Got To Tel.. $1775.00  Ended 01 Jan  
Soulettes Bring Your Fine Self Home Scope Orig He.. $1742.00  Ended 19 Jan  
Servicemen Are You Angry Need A Helping Hand Li.. $1725.00  Ended 06 Dec  
Jimmy Mack My World Is On Fire Palmer Nm Promo Hear $1724.00  Ended 19 Feb  
Hyperions Why Wanna Treat Me Like You Do Chattahooche.. $1706.23  Ended 29 Jan  
Larry Wright Sweet Sweet Kisses A-Go-Go Label Vg $1691.66  Ended 31 Jan  
Normandies Really Really Loved Love Fades Away .. $1647.00  Ended 06 Dec  
The Topics-Have Your Fun On Dream Northern 45-Vg Hear $1637.55  Ended 05 Feb  
1965 Congress Cg 255 Dj 7th Avenue Aviators Boy Next.. $1624.99  Ended 27 Dec  
272 Funk Fred Mark Dance With Me Omega Records Nos .. $1580.56  Ended 27 Jan  
Tomorrow S People-Open Soul On Stage Deep Private Funk .. $1575.08  Ended 11 Dec  
Hear Funk Soul Little Willie Jones - That Was My Big M.. $1525.00  Ended 28 Nov  
The Lovers Rpm Without A Doubt One Way To Love Frantic .. $1525.00  Ended 07 Jan  
- Candi Staton - Now You Ve Got The Upper Hand - Unit.. $1516.00  Ended 23 Jan  
Moonrakers Band Nemi Afro Space Funk Soul Seminal Band.. $1481.00  Ended 19 Feb  
Holy Grail Acetate The Exceptions - Baby You Know .. $1424.99  Ended 17 Jan  
T M G S - What Can I Do The Hatch On Soul Shake Swe.. $1410.00  Ended 11 Dec  
True Image Keep Me Dancing Modern Soul Disco Willkerr.. $1401.76  Ended 26 Jan  
Modern Soul Funk Fabulous Play Mates Ain T Gonna Be No .. $1400.00  Ended 01 Jan  
Funk Ray Frazier Shades Of Madness I Who Have Nothing.. $1388.00  Ended 02 Jan  
Montclairs Hey You Don T Fight It Arch Hear $1371.00  Ended 20 Feb  
Funk Crossover - L T Soulful Dynamics - Everybody Ne.. $1350.00  Ended 11 Dec  
Sam Ward Sister Lee Groove City Hear $1330.00  Ended 21 Feb  
Rotations Put A Dime On D-9 Listen $1324.50  Ended 27 Dec  
Paul Winley Creations I Wanna Talk To You Listen $1324.00  Ended 08 Dec  
Black Magic Strong Message Brainwash Bet It S A Hit I.. $1312.05  Ended 18 Dec  
Funk - Bobby Williams His Mar Kings - All The Time - .. $1293.58  Ended 11 Dec  
Northern Sweet Soul Charles E Smith Come See Me Prev.. $1282.57  Ended 20 Feb  
The Tempos I Ll Never Forget Diamond Jim 8792 Promo Hear $1275.00  Ended 05 Dec  
Gentlemen Four You Can T Keep A Good Man Down Wand Hear $1275.00  Ended 29 Jan  
Modern Soul Boogie Curtis Dondi Magic From Your Love .. $1256.00  Ended 27 Nov  
The Moments Baby I Want You Pray For Me Hog $1255.00  Ended 02 Feb  
- Tony Galla - In Love - Swan - Vg Mp3 $1225.00  Ended 12 Dec  
Modern Soul Sweet James Epps Love At First Sight Motorp.. $1225.00  Ended 01 Jan  
Crossover Funk Sweet Soul - Young Mods - Who You Going .. $1225.00  Ended 22 Jan  
Waricka You Touch My Soul - Invaders 70 S Reggae R.. $1225.00  Ended 05 Feb  
Gloria The T-Aira S-Running Out Of Time I M Satisfie.. $1224.00  Ended 08 Jan  
-- Betti Lou Bobby Adams -- Dr Truelove $1202.15  Ended 29 Jan  
The Syndicate Nashville Aint All Country Promo Soul F.. $1188.00  Ended 08 Jan  
Little Richie - Just Another Heartache I Wish I Was A.. $1147.00  Ended 18 Feb  
Funk Deep Soul Double O Demingos The Crawl Split Hear $1136.11  Ended 03 Jan  
Temptones Girl I Love You Good Bye Artic Promo Hear.. $1136.00  Ended 29 Nov  
Orlando Julius Ashiko Love Peace Happiness Afro F.. $1136.00  Ended 05 Dec  
Spyder Turner I M Alive With A Lovin Feeling Mgm O.. $1136.00  Ended 15 Jan  
Unknown Curiosity Put It Back Unreleased A-1 Aceta.. $1136.00  Ended 26 Jan  
Northern R B Soul Brooks Bros Lookin For A Woman Tay .. $1136.00  Ended 29 Jan  
Stewart Ames Angelina Oh Angelina J W Hear $1136.00  Ended 30 Jan  
Monique-If You Love Me Never Let Me Go On Maurci North.. $1136.00  Ended 05 Feb  
Funk Dynamic Corvettes Keep Off The Grass Ru-Jac Nm Hear $1135.00  Ended 02 Jan  
Motherfox-Hot Shot Fallen Into Love On Shabang Modern.. $1132.78  Ended 08 Jan  
- Four Voices - Your Love Is Getting Stronger - Voice.. $1131.14  Ended 04 Dec  
Martha Star Detroit Grail Thelma Lbl 112 Love Is The .. $1126.99  Ended 27 Nov  
Ivorys Please Stay Despenza Hear $1125.00  Ended 18 Dec  
Jock Mitchell Not A Chance In A Million Orig Usa 45 $1117.43  Ended 16 Dec  
Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say I M A Fool Quaint H.. $1100.00  Ended 05 Jan  
Hear Mp3 Funk Boogie Soul Haywood Knight Bab Sugar Pa.. $1098.00  Ended 22 Jan  
Detroit Soul R B Mah S Mike Hanks Unknown - The All St.. $1092.00  Ended 21 Feb  
Cautions Watch Your Step Is It Right Listen $1091.66  Ended 03 Dec  
By The Sequins Hear Clip $1091.01  Ended 21 Feb  
Dreams and then some yep?


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