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Eccentric Soul - Sitting In The Park - Out This Week

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Eccentric Soul - Sitting In The Park - Out This Week magazine cover

Those who have been here for a while will quickly get what this album comp is all about,  for those who may not be aware of the name Bob Abrahamian, well the link below and this profile may help put you in the picture @boba

Its almost two years now since Bob sadly passed on, and as time passes its great to see his legacy being recognised and appreciated by projects such as this.

The Numero Group  have put together a comp album which features many of the artists that featured on Bobs shows in 'their own words' and 'through the lens of our friend Bob'. A leaflet is also included and hopefully a more detailed Soul Source review will follow shortly

Available in 3 formats cd, lp and digital - the actual release dates and prices of each format do vary 

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Preview all the lp tracks

The Numero Groups Blurb:

Hear the document of one man’s passion crossing over into obsession. Chicago radio disc jockey and soul archivist Bob Abrahamian was deeply devoted to celebrating and documenting unknown Chicagoland group harmony music. Upon his untimely passing in 2014, he left behind hundreds of radio programs and a daunting collection of 35,000 carefully-selected 45s. Our collection borrows its title from Abrahamian’s long-running and acclaimed WHPK radio show, and it spins a tale that’s cautionary, inspiring, and set to the sounds of the impossible-to-find tracks that made Bob Abrahamian’s on-air playlist and animated the radio programs that were his life’s work. Collected here are 12 (16 on the CD) artists featured on Sitting In The Park, in their own words and through the lens of our friend Bob.


Link - The Story of Bob Abrahamian and his radio show Sitting In The Park Article

Track Listing
(12 tracks via the lp - 16 tracks via the cd  - see the links for full details)

A Portrait of God's Love by Cindy & The Playmates

How Could You Love Him by Shades of Brown
Girl in the Window by The Mist
Reach for the Truth by Puzzle People
A Fool Like Me by The Enchanters
Hard to Know by Oneness
Give Me One More Chance by Procedures
Try It (You'll Like It)  Master Plan Inc.
Second Story Man by Chocolate Sunday

So I Can Make This Change by The Krash Band

It Ain't Fair by Ahead Of Our Time
Let Love Come In by Cliff Curry
Not Available

Life of Tears by Walter & the Admerations

Returning Home from Vietnam by The Auditions

Moaning and Crying by The Dontells

Southside Chicago by Otis Brown And The Delights








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Just now, Kris Holmes said:

very looking forward to this

Ditto Kris, still listen to Bob's shows at least one a week


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Yes looking forward to this but why oh why has the lp got less tracks,why don't numero put out track for track likeness. 


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Looks great, although obviously tinged with sadness. Reading Chalky's original thread via the link, I'm glad to see that Bob was aware of the esteem he and his show were held in... 

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I'm currently listening to this on Tidal streaming service - excellent.


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A superb CD. One of the best ever put out by Numero. Highly recommended. 

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Looks good!  Glad to see Bob's legacy won't be forgotten.  Glad his great website will stay available to new listeners.  I'm still in shock from his untimely passing.  Every time an old thread on which he posted is resurrected, I get a twinge (and sometimes forget for a few seconds that he's gone).  He was one of the few colleagues who could answer a lot of my questions.  I miss him a lot.

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On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 14:30, rodders said:

Yes looking forward to this but why oh why has the lp got less tracks,why don't numero put out track for track likeness. 


Looking forward to getting my hands on this.  Looks like a excellent tribute to Bob.  As far as less tracks on the LP, I find strange.  Numero used to do the opposite and put more tracks on the LP than the CD.  That's disappointing to see as I was thinking about getting the vinyl.

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