George Jackson - Leavin' Your Homework Undone - Kent Album

George Jackson - Leavin' Your Homework Undone - Kent Album magazine cover

A recent release from Kent Records

Leavin Your Homework Undone - In The Studio With George Jackson 1968-71  CDKEND 477

This album features first time out tracks from the man George Jackson. There are 24 'work in progress' tracks,  all recorded at Fame during the late 1960s and the early 1970s via the Muscle Shoals and Memphis studios. A clip of the release notes written by Tony Rounce aka @TONY ROUNCE follows below...

Release Notes preview

...since Ace purchased Goldwax and established licensing deals with Fame and Sounds Of Memphis that the extent of his body of work has become apparent. A CD apiece of his Goldwax and Sounds Of Memphis recordings and no less than three of his Fame sides have been a revelation, in terms of both quality and quantity....

...Most of the tracks here were recorded not long after George joined the company and benefit from the consummate musicianship of the great Fame rhythm section the Swampers. One or two are basic demos, but the majority are of high enough quality to have been issued just as they are. Soul fans may recognise ‘A Man And A Half’, ‘Never In Public’ and ‘Your Love Made A U-Turn’ from the versions by Wilson Pickett, Candi Staton, James Carr and Jimmy Hughes, but George’s are the only known recordings of most of the songs. Although it’s certain there will be no fifth collection of George’s Fame recordings, the series definitely goes out on a soulful high with this one.

full notes via the Ace Records website

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Disc: 1

  1. I Got a Feeling

  2. I'm Gonna Hold On (To What I've Got)

  3. What Kind of Woman Are You

  4. I'm Glad to Have What He Didn't Want

  5. I Slowly Killed Your Love for Me

  6. A Woman Respects a Man

  7. A Few Precious Moments

  8. Don't Tell Me Nothing About My Baby

  9. A Man and a Half

  10. If This Is Love

  11. I Wish I Was a Child Again

  12. Leavin' Your Homework Undone

  13. Quicksand Around My Mind

  14. Two Way Proposition (Feat. Marjorie Ingram)

  15. I Got to Stop You Road Runner

  16. Humpin' to Please

  17. Your Love Is So Good

  18. Never in Public

  19. You Caught Me Red Handed

  20. Oh Baby What You're Doing to Me

  21. Keep Your Business to Yourself

  22. Your Love Made a U-turn

  23. Weekend Love

  24. Wait Till the Time Is Right

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Firecrest profile photo

Posted (edited)

I think this is the fourth set of demos on George Jackson. I've got the first one and volume three.  That's forty eight demos from a soulful singer and some fine musicians. In all honesty that's enough for me.  As these are demos Jackson doesn't always sing that well and the famous horn section is missing. These were meant for other singers to select those songs that suited them not necessarily George Jackson.  Surely one volume (not four) of the best demos was all that was needed. There's absolutely no juice left in the peaches by this stage.

Edited by Firecrest
Stephen T profile photo


This came yesterday and I love it. I love Southern soul, George's voice and raw-sounding productions so they can just keep CDs like this coming as far as I'm concerned. Recommended.

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