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Hit and Run Records - 2 New 45 Releases April 2021

Hit and Run Records - 2 New 45 Releases April 2021 magazine cover

ANNOUNCING TWO NEW HR 45 RELEASES - Release date 1st April 2021.

Taking orders now with paypal  - £12 each  + £3 postage (good for 1-3 records)     paypal – hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com   


HR 1527   SONIA ROSS - Let Me Be Free / Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

A coupling here of 2 ultra rare and brilliant dance tracks from Atlanta Ga.

1969s ‘Let me be free’ is possibly the rarest Tragar 45 with reputedly only 100 being pressed to fulfil a contractual obligation; the flip Don’t Go Breaking My Heart was originally recorded in 1968 and destined for a Tragar release but delayed as considered too sensual for a Southern audience and released one year later.

SONIA ROSS - Let Me Be Free 


SONIA ROSS - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart




HR 1528  MARVIN SMITH – There Must Be Peace For Me / I Never Thought I’d Be Losing You   

The 2nd of our 2 45s of Marvin’s unreleased 70s Chicago productions. ‘A’ side here is the very in-demand side, previously known only by the Richard Searling acetate which has built quite a reputation over the last 30 years; the flip is Marvin’s brilliant and better original version of the Major Lance 45 on Soul.


There Must Be Peace For Me   

https://www.dropbox.com/s/afrieyitzlna3dn/HR 1528 A - Marvin Smith - There Must Be Peace 3.41 reference copy.mp3?dl=0


Losing You

https://www.dropbox.com/s/98t7f3lcep261no/HR 1528 B - Marvin Smith - I Never Thought I'd Be Losing You 3.53 reference copy.mp3?dl=0



1528a.jpg 1528b.jpg

Listen: Sample #1

Listen: Sample #2

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