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Lowton Civic Fri 08 Aug 2002


Lowton Civic Friday 08 Aug

Strange days in North Wales, last month has involved all sorts. Lifts failing to turn up for the Dome, plans to get to Wilton failing, people finding themselves at home on Saturdays nites watching tv with bemused families, a downward trend in vinyl going ons, reports of people staring at a phone all nite that never rings and so on. Now some think that all these strange going ons may have something to do with fact that a certain Holyhead person has just switched jobs and now spends 30 days stretches on a ship sailing round the British Isles.

Well the theorists seemed to have won the argument, as it was the first weekend that Stevie T was back on shore, and as at 9 o clock on a Friday I found myself going down A55, in a well worn out chugging minibus, that apparently gets used by a slaughter house team in week, which may explain the stains inside all over the roof and a funny smell. No slight ease back into it, myself and Shane (who was home from Manalia on holiday) did the mandatory half hour wait, a wtf look at state of the minibus, and then it was down the A55.

Two hours later, a few wrong turns, we had people from all over the place in bus, all stops on the North Wales Coast, cars catching us up and people jumping in,even picked up a new recruit from Lowton, refreshment included a bottle of wine won at a far off Viaduct, yes it was business as normal. With the event being a mini-niter at Lowton, the first time for a few months for me, could say were definitely in the mood for a good night, we tumbled out, boxes, flyers going all over the place. With another 4 or 5 cars from North Wales was a fair old contingent. Got to say always enjoy Lowton, always have a laugh and a good crack, plus the dj line up as with most events attend more often than not seems to be a good one, the days of in one door to main hall, then driven straight back out by “big name” djs who think “just a little misunderstanding” is what people traveled a 100 odd miles for, doesn’t seem to happen anymore.


Place was packed, knew Ian Cuncliffe was on, disappointed to find out he had to do a early set, so missed out. Popped in the modern room and it was kicking, a big crowd, good buzz, quick look for wanted new releases, quick birthday greetings to Pete known as Bangor’s modern soul man , who was celebrating his 40th birthday! Quick word with Roger W out and about as a punter and enjoying himself, quick try to flog Airtight 45 to him, but no joy due to his no more vinyl stance, a laugh at how when he did “All Era Room” at Monkey all the northern types wanted to clock him, and shocked when he was not a 6ft 6 permed hair ex mecca type with horns Plus the way he managed to steer 70 people from the modern list to visit Dave Lucas folded arms photo, but managed somehow to make them miss this “fetching” photo almost right next to it view Modern room what caught was definitely buzzing.

Down corrider to R and B room, Big Mick was on and given out some quality r n b,.Steve T had a spot in their later on, me and Johnny J made the most of this as this gave us great ammo when continuing our ongoing banter battle:) But just joking, as always dished out some great selections. Main room was going strong, nice surprise to catch Soul Sam doing a set, but only caught last bit, stuff such as “If cant say anything good….” Marvin Gaye "come get to this" a bit of 2003 gear, finished set off playing flip of Morris Chestnut which in his usual enthusiastic way he just raved about. Tim Brown up next and gave out some great stuff, Vanguards, memory says an instrumental with last minute miracle/Motown flavour, Derek Martin and Flashback. Travels and trips between other rooms and even a trip out meant not much more main room details, memory says Andy D doubled decked with Dean A, was told Alex Jones was on, but not sure, caught some great stuff from Bob Hinsley, pure joy to hear Detroit Sounds Of Friction, plus stuff like Oz and Sperlings all sounded good.

A lot of record sellers and dealers there with a wide selection of stuff on offer, best laugh was when was offered a cover up in some deal, it all clicked together, was sure heard a certain guest dj at 100 playing old North Wales fav King Curtis Foot Padding part 2 on atco, but when asked him, he gave me some story about it being Jr Walker “Across the track” on soul, which as it is a basically a jr walker rip off and my untrusty ears thought was plausible, but when found out it was a actual "cover" all came clear. Soul Sam was the next victim of my attempts to flog spare Airtight 45. And even got him listening but all was in vain, so can still pounce on it now. listen

Sam passed on that next weeks Broughton guest is Arthur Fenn and event is going firm on every third Saturday, which fits in well with Goldbourne Niter for us as on way, the cheap prices both on door and beer make it a good 2 event nite.

 Think confirmed details for the 7 th time with Andy Dyson regarding future events, this time we got as far as writing the date down..

Overall had a most enjoyable time, was to me a great nite, great crowd, atmosphere, the best one had there for a while.

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