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Magnus Carlson Goes Latin - New Single - Play To Win


Magnus Carlson Goes Latin - New Single - Play To Win magazine cover

A recent release, Magnus Carlson teaming up with Kevin Fingier to offer 'Play To Win', the official details follow below...

Magnus Carlson Goes Latin!


Blue eyed soul meets latin on the new single by platinum selling Swedish artist Magnus Carlson. When Magnus Carlson releases solo material outside his band Weeping Willows, he usually tries to seek out unexpected and surprising collaborations. On his new single “Play To Win” he has hooked up with Argentinian producer Kevin Fingier and his collective of the same name. Magnus had - like so many other soul and jazz aficionados - been completely blown away by Fingier’s rather edgy and tough, but yet very groovy latin sound and wanted a part of that for his next release. They wrote “Play To Win” on opposite sides of the planet and recording sessions and mixes was then sent back and forth between Kevin’s studio in Buenos Aires and the Cosmos Music Studio complex in Stockholm, until the right balance of latin, R&B and blue eyed soul had been struck.

The result is a cool, beat driven, no-nonsense, but soulful latin groove with Magnus' unmistakably warm and powerful vocals leading the charge.


Life is short
And my time is now 
Roll the dice 
Give the wheel a spin 
I’ve paid the price 
Now I Play To Win

Both Magnus and Kevin are passionate vinyl collectors and DJ’s. They share a passion for danceable live music with a strong sixties flavour - and a sound that is best enjoyed on the dance floor. They are both recording artists and songwriters in their own rights, but will surely work together again going forward. And even though they are based over twelve thousands miles apart, there is a palpable presence in this, their first collaboration.

"Play To Win” with Magnus Carlson feat. The Kevin Fingier Collective is released through Amigo/Cosmos  with a Swedish language version called “Här Och Nu” as a second track.

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32 minutes ago, Amsterdam Russ said:

Digital only?

looks that way Russ

no sign/word of anything else

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13 minutes ago, Source said:

looks that way Russ

no sign/word of anything else

The links on the YouTube vid are to digital-only sources, and I checked on MC's FB page. Same thing there as well.

That's a shame. Maybe they'll get round to pressing it up at some point.

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