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Maxine Brown One In A Million - 5 Takes Found

Maxine Brown One In A Million - 5 Takes Found cover

This little project I am involved in just gets better and better, doing a little work with the One-derful masters I have discovered 5 takes of Maxine Brown - One In A Million, how and why we have this tape is a complete mystery to me however One-derful did distribute for other labels so it may have found it's way to Chicago way back somehow, it's simply just under half an hour of soul history, I contacted Ady Crosdell regarding this as soon as I found them, as good as the find is there is nothing we can place it with at Secret Stash so I have hooked up my direct boss with Ady so they can discuss if there is any commercial use for this find, all I can say is the 5 takes are beautiful, it's like she is finding her way with the track, hairs on the back of the neck time for sure, also the good thing in all this with Ady being personal friends with Maxine I'm pretty sure she will get to hear the tape, has to be a one in a million find sorry I could not resist that.


Mark Bicknell

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