Miss Ray RIP Raynoma Gordy Singleton

Miss Ray RIP Raynoma Gordy Singleton magazine cover

More very sad news ..

Raynoma Gordy Singleton passed on 11 November aged 79.

I had the pleasure of meeting her in Los Angeles many years ago and she was beautiful. funny, full of stories and full of mischief. The day spent with her, Eddie Singleton and Barbara Randolph is one I will never forget.

We all talked about Motown, Detroit .. and of course Shrine Records.

I wrote about her in the sleeve notes for the first Shrine CD which can be viewed via Soul Source

She will be sadly missed by so many

R.I.P Miss Ray

You were one of a kind


Raynoma Singleton Obituary



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In Memory of

Raynoma Gordy Singleton

March 8, 1937 - November 11, 2016


Scans - Miss Ray connected label scans added 23 Nov 2016








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Posted (edited)

History passing!  Thanks for posting Andy, just re-read the Shrine notes. Great detail. RIP a giant of our music. 

Edited by Dean
Just a spelling / autocorrect error
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Her book "Berry Me And Motown" is also great reading.

RIP Raynoma

Cheers Paul

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5 Miss Ray connected quality label scans from Andy Rix have just been added to the original article....

Look up to view

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Raynoma's book is one of my cherished pieces on American Soul Music. I even bought the spoken word version for goodness sake. My only regret is that Miss Ray didn't elaborate more on her collaboration with Eddie Singleton at Shrine in Washington DC. However, Andy Rix's detective work and interviews provide superb notes on this wonderful record label.

Here's some more label scans which help confirm that Miss Ray was a multi-talented music lady.

Miss Ray RIP

shrine only copy.jpg

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see above


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shrine only2 copy.jpg

shrine3 copy.jpg

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Miss Ray played the ondioline on a number of songs including Gordy's first release, Linda and the Vistas and Zing by the Satintones.

This 1950's version provides an idea of what it looked like. It provided vibrato sounds and is referred to as the first synthesizer.

shrine4 copy.jpg

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Songwriting, organ playing and string arrangements.


shrine5 copy.jpg

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Posted (edited)



shrine6 copy.jpg

shrine7 copy.jpg

shrine8 copy.jpg

shrine10 final copy.jpg

Edited by David Meikle
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Rayber Voices 20161118_113014394_0_orig.jpg

Ray salutation 20161118_115445016_0_orig.jpg

Ray Hits20161118_114610088_0_origville.jpg

Ray HDH BG 20161118_114105199_0_orig.jpg

Ray & Stevie & Berry 20161118_115420586_0_orig.jpg

Ray & Mike 20161118_115227798_0_orig.jpg

Ray & Jackie Wilson 20161118_114805887_0_orig.jpg

Ray & Eddie 20161118_115021421_0_orig.jpg

Ray & Berry 20161118_113220489_0_orig.jpg

R&B d 20161118_114127148_0_orig.jpg

MR a20161118_113832193_0_orig.jpg

R&B 20161118_113838246_0_orig.jpg

R&B birthday 20161118_114151251_0_orig.jpg

R&B c 20161118_114109239_0_orig.jpg

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Thank you for the music Miss Ray.


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