New Book - Jerry O - On The Record Off The Wall

New Book - Jerry O - On The Record Off The Wall magazine cover

Jerry O, On The Record - Off The Wall

A new book has just been published about one of the most enigmatic names on the sixties Soul scene - Jerry O.

Never really accepted as a true Soul singer, Jerry Murray was more of a Soul showman who owned record labels, produced records, managed groups, deejayed and released eighteen records himself.

Contact Keith at or pm him @Funky 4 Corners for details of how to obtain a copy. 










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Alleyoop profile photo


Looks great !

Roburt profile photo


Jerry O got about a bit (performing live) … some gigs he did in Cleveland & DC ….


Roburt profile photo


Back nearer home, Jerrio always got lots of support from St Louis's KATZ radio stn ...


Mike profile photo


news item updated with pm details added for ordering/enquiries 👍

Funky 4 Corners profile photo


Some great images here, as Tom & Jerrio they toured extensively.

Mike profile photo


as a copy of the book has landed on my doormat, I thought I add a few phone pics while passing on the below


Keith asked me to  mention that it's a limited run of only 150 and they are all numbered and signed.








Roburt profile photo


Seems the Boogaloo was still going strong in Philly in late 66 ...


Roburt profile photo


It didn't specify which cities it was hot in … BUT Jerry O's 45 was doing well back then … 


TOAD profile photo


more books like this needed...£13 well spent incs PnP !!!..recommended

Johndelve profile photo


Intrigued and very surprised to see  Tony Mason's "Bring the country to the city" at #2 on the WDAS 1966 chart....which presumably meant it got a fair bit of airplay....nearly all the other songs there are much better known

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Roburt profile photo

Posted (edited)

More Jerry O / Jerrio related bits … he seemed to live off his 'boogaloo' connection most of the time but broke from it in his White Whale & Wand days …  @ the Howard Theatre in DC, they organised a special Boogaloo dance contest to coincide with his week long appearances in Nov 67 at the venue (guess he had to select the winning dancers).


Edited by Roburt
Sceneman profile photo


used to have karate booga loo but it was stolen by da bitch in bromley 

Roburt profile photo


By the end of the 60's, his live act had moved in a more funky direction … 


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