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New Cannonball Records & Tesla Groove 45s - Out Now 5 (2+3) x 45s!


New Cannonball Records & Tesla Groove 45s - Out Now 5 (2+3) x 45s! magazine cover

Here we go, news all about the two most recent releases from Cannonball Records and Tesla Groove International and 3 delayed 45s

First off we have two quality 45s, one featuring two 'The Words Of Wisdom' tracks from a restoration project the other featuring 'King Bee' with a more contemporary remix and rework project that hits the mark. 

Also now out and about are 3 more fresh 45s that were originally due out in May 2021 but got caught up in the recent pressing plant delays. Steve Mancha, Gail Lou, Coco Collier being the artists involved.

So that's 5 x fresh 45s in total, and with each of the 45s being released as a limited shrink-wrapped picture sleeve edition of just 250, there may be a need to step lively if your interest is stirred

Details of all the five 45s follow below...


CBLL035 - THE WORDS OF WISDOM  “You Got Me Smiling” b/w “Just Another Face”

Support The Words of Wisdom and bring home one of the last slices of original soul from Napptown's legacy. 

Release Notes

It all started when Herman “Butch” Slaughter at 12 years old asks his parents for a professional tape recording machine for Christmas. Butch’s technical training in music came from him being First Chair/First Chair Baritone in the the school choir. He started to write song poems and dreamed the day he would hear his songs on the radio. He had several attempts at putting a group together eventually leading to the creation of The Words of Wisdom with Karen Slaughter, Robert “Buck” Vaughn, Rosa Lunderman and Mabel Heart. They started earning some good popularity at the crossing of the seventies and eighties although experienced some quick lineup changes until they disbanded in 1982. Stable artists at the legendary Lamp - the so called “Naptown’s Motown” - these guys were part of the sparkling funk soul scene of Indianapolis alongside the likes of The Vanguards and The Fabulous Souls. Writer, producers, studio owners involved in these recordings all passed away except Herman Slaughter, founder member of the band and a blasting dj still active on his scene to these times. The recordings presented on this release went lost until 2 years ago. It’s been necessary a massive audio repair/restoration, hope you will appreciate the job we’ve done with them. 



TSL013 - KING BEE “Bee To the Flower” b/w “Bingeries”

Exciting times lay ahead!

Release Notes

Contemporary hard driven Jazz Funk from the north of England. Bee To The Flower, initially released under the influence of Newcastle’s finest Warren Thompson in a much slower and kind of stepped down version has been rearranged and recorded again by the band expressly for Tesla Groove International at the Loft Studios. We have been on this project for a long while and the biggest thing we blame covid for is the goddamn delay it forced into the development of artistic projects, of which the physical final release is only the latest of the steps. Driving (and very creative) basslines, a beautiful and almost psychedelic Fender Rhodes intercalate with a vibraphone played with such a mastery I could only remind of the great Pharoah Sanders at the time of his performances with Lonnie Liston Smith and Nathaniel Betties, one of the greatest afro percussionists of all times. All of this on such a hitting drumming I just can’t wait to fire it out of a proper sound system. Created in 2011 by north-east based Dave Wilde and Chris Jelly, the original jazz/funk fusion sounds of this seven piece Newcastle based band have carved a niche as some of the finest exponents of the genre in the UK. The band has given exciting dance inducing live performances up and down the country, at Band on the Wall, Hoochie Coochie and many more, supporting the likes of Craig Charles, Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston Smith along the way. New material has been in the making for quite a while, but after the enforced lockdown, King Bee are ready to release their latest recordings at long last. Worth waiting for.

Exciting times lay ahead!

More details and such via https://cannonballsoul.com/


Both 45s are now in the shops and can be had from all the usual online suspects . Also feature in our  own store line up, check out our Cannonball Records section below...

Tap here for Source Store Cannonball Records Section


More Cannonball Records and Tesla Groove International Release 45s now available 

Vinyl pressing delays also caused delays to these three 45s which were originally planned for an earlier release in May 2021


Steve Mancha - That's Why I Love you - 3 tracks - Cannonball Records

At the dawn of ’66 Don Davis welcomed a disappointed Clyde Wilson after his multiple failures with Motown and pushed him to change his artist’s name in Steve Mancha as “see, Clyde Wilson ain’t really cutting the pie”. The demo take of “That’s Why I Love You” was recorded within the Detroit - Memphis workflow alongside several other cuts which never saw the light of the day.


Gail Lou - I Still Love - Tesla Groove International

A pumping ground-to-air dance missile written and produced at the dawn of the new century by a duo with some huge music background. Hailing from Montclair State University, Gail Lou is an acclaimed performer, musical director and vocal coach. Her vocal performances in Tri-State’s recording sector, as both lead singer and background vocalist, span from R&B, Gospel, Jazz, to Soul and electronic Dance. Alongside Shawn Lucas, who’s the behind-the-scene producer of the duo, she’s been laying down compositions for music releases and opera and theatre shows soundtracks. Written and produced by Gail Lou and Shawn V. Lucas, Executive Producers Alberto Zanini & Yann Vatiste



Coco Collier - Here Comes the Rain - Tesla Groove International

The amazing singer from our best-selling artists duo The Swans of New England delivers this stunning soul take on the Eurhythmics classic Here Comes the Rain from the 80’s givin’ evidence that soul music can turn everything from average limestone bricks to precious gold bars. Of course it was necessary to provide Coco’s vocals with the right arrangement but it’s just a slight contribution to the development of this very Tesla Groove fashioned sound exploration. Sure this experiment will kind of shock some of you but in all honesty we are all about takin’ on new paths of discovery.



End word

Again more details and such on all the above 45s can be had via https://cannonballsoul.com/

Ok there ya go, 2 brand new 45s, 3 delayed 45s, each one a limited shrink-wrapped picture sleeve edition of 250 and all are available from all the usual online suspects including our very own Source Store

Check out our fresh Cannonball Records store section below...

Tap here for Source Store Cannonball Records Section


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