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  1. Top 10 Mixcloud Northern Soul Trending Chart June 2020

    A quick look at Mixclouds Northern Soul Trending Chart as at 12th June 2020
  2. A Stranger I May Be - Savoy Gospel 1954 - 1986 (Honest John’s Records) - Compilation

    Presenting a three part compilation that focuses on the Savoy Gospel catalog of the legendary label through its glory years.
      6   Greg Belson |
  3. Now Out - The Devonns Album - Record Kicks

    Out today from Record Kicks, The Devonns' self-titled debut album...
      3   Chalky |
  4. Ebay Results - May 2000 - Months Top 45s Listed

    All the top dollar 45s for May 2020 listed, hindsight city....
      4   Tomangoes |
  5. Ace Records June 2020 Release News

    A new month so here's the latest release news from Ace Records...
      2   Mike |
  6. Motown: Celebrating 60 Years of Amazing Music - Book

    Motown: Celebrating 60 Years of Amazing Music - News about an upcoming book from Pete McKenna, due out August 2020
      3   Ian Parker |
  7. Soul 4 Real 7 The Masqueraders (Unreleased 1972)

    Soul 4 Real 7" The Masqueraders (unreleased 1972)
      2   Alexsubinas |
  8. New release - 2 x Hit and Run 45s - Jo Jo Benson + Bernard Drake

    Great unreleased version of Barbara Lynn + ultra-rare Modern soul dancer
      9   Rick Scott |
  9. BBC4 The Changin' Times of Ike White - Arena Mon 18 May 2020

    BBC 4 The Changin' Times of Ike White...  Mon 18 May 2020 a gritty and soulful tale that twists and turns
      5   Thinksmart |
  10. BBC1 Our Lives - Soul Boy - Northern Soul Related Documentary

    Soul Boy - Our Lives - A teenager in care finds a home on Nottingham’s Northern Soul scene. Details of an upcoming real life documentary due to be shown on  BBC One on Wednesday 27th May 2020. first steps as a DJ and towards an independent life.
      48   Mike |
  11. Jay Nemor - Freedom - New 45 via Cannonball Records

    Details and video of a upcoming new release from Cannonball Records imprint Quatre Recordings that hits a certain spot QQT002 Jay Nemor "Freedom" (Dj Rocca Remix)
      1   Girdwoodinc |
  12. MD Records 45 - Roland Johnson – Set Your Mind Free

    MD Records and Blue Lotus Recording Studio present Roland Johnson – Set Your Mind Free Just who is Roland Johnson!
      7   Ficklefingers |
  13. It's Showtime at the Apollo (Series 1-15) via NowTV/Sky Q/Roku UK

    Just seen that In the Uk The Roku Channel is offering all 15 Series of this show (1987-2001) for free via NowTV, Sky Q or various Roku devices
  14. Ebay Top $ Soul 45s List for April 2020

    A new month and in these times it has to be  interesting to see how ebay performed over the last 30 days...
      2   Ficklefingers |
  15. Ace Records News For May 2020

    The monthly Ace Records newsletter, May 2020... a tale of spotifys, mp3s and reads 
  16. New release - Hit and Run 45 - The Delreys

    New release - Hit and Run 45 - The Delreys Incorporated - Destination Unknown / Crying In My Sleep
      17   Rick Scott |
  17. Rita Graham - Come Together - Loveforce International Records

    Press Release. Loveforce International Records is  releasing Rita Graham’s version of the Beatles Classic Come Together.
  18. Cannonball Records - Swans Of New England - Pre-Order

    Cannonball records have a new 45 lined up for a late May 2020 release, available to pre-order right now. Have a listen below... CBLL029 The Swans of New England "Cold Like Ice"
      2   Mike |
  19. New Soul 45 - Danny Toeman - She's got something about her / Give it all up - LRK Records

    It’s dripping in Stax soul and Daptones sweat, yet alive with a certain contemporary afterglow – all thanks to Toeman’s vocal delivery. Wrapped in a young passion [...] fiery on the inside; gritty on the edges; sweet on the falsetto." - SoulTracks
      1   Thfcliam |
  20. New Diggin' Deep 45 - Joe Johnson

    New Diggin' Deep 45 - Joe Johnson out 24th April. Available for pre-order now, release date 24th April 2020. Read and listen...
      14   Soulfusion |
  21. The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel - Biopic

    The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel Biopic showing this weekend US Tv, video clips and details via the link below
  22. Kings Of Soul - Members 2020 Video Playlist

    Kings Of Soul, following discussion about a recent BBC show titled 'Kings Of Soul', I thought it may be interesting to see what our own Soul Source member take on such a format would be...
      3   Soulfusion |
  23. Top $ Ebay Vinyl Results List for March 2020

    A quick and easy Soul Source catch up list of the top $ ebay results that ended during March 2020
      2   Pga1 |
  24. George Jackson - New Hit and Run 45 Release

    IT'S BEEN A WHILE - GEORGE JACKSON IS NOW HERE ! GEORGE JACKSON - I Want That Love Back / If I Could Open Up My Heart - HR 1515
      7   Daved |
  25. Online Soul Event Guide Section

    Just a quick word that a 'Online Soul Event' section has been recently opened up in our Soul Source Event Guide. Offering all the same major features as our other sections but tweaked to reflect the online part, you can view and add events here...

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