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  1. Soul Together Product News

     Product news from Soul Together The first range of clothing created especially for fans of Soul music across the UK and the world over. The catalogue brings together a wide range of quality stylish and comfortable T-shirts, Polo shirts, j...

    Need some vinyl , well this might help you out Latest list from Mark Tobin Read more to view list Phone 0161 442 0519 or email marktobin4@aol.com for details GOSPEL CLASSICS – MORE LOVE,THAT’S style="m...
  3. 6 pac sessions -need

    Dome - CSC 6 pacs galore Posted on Monday, September 24 2001 @ 20:06:33 BST Topic: Soul Sounds Soul Sounds Yeah its that time again, time for one of the premier soul nites around, CSC friday nite bash at the Dome London. To get you in the mood (o...
  4. Sour Mash Newsletter

    THE REAL WEEKENDER WARM-UP!The August, residents throw-down session did not take place as planned due to Catch..
  5. Todays Sunday Jazz FM bits

    Afternoon at home so managed to listen to Mr Searlings show on and off. Heres bits for those who missed
  6. ebay - 3 uk grand

    Leslie Tipton final price was $5,126.00 or approx. £3,507.12 Top priced soul 45 on ebay ever?
  7. Funk Brothers Movie

    LIVONIA -- In the pine-paneled rumpus room of a nondescript brick house in asleepy suburb, the worlds greatest basement band is kicking some serious butt.You know these musicians, even if you never knew their names: the Funk Brothers, as they c...
  8. Sad News - Betty Everett

    Legendary Soul singer, Betty Everett, passed away in her home in Beloit Wisconsin over the weekend.
  9. Classiest - King - Birth - More Kent CD Release News

    More up todate info thanks to David Flynn, DJ, Collector and man behind top informative all things vinyl web site Classiest Northern Soul - CDKEND 192 - destined for August 28th...looks luverly! :-) ALSO......the next King NS CD compil...
  10. Big events - Big figures

    Had some figures in of attendance at some of the big events, which makes impressive reading, wonder what the average monthly figure of soul fans attending Northern events is nowadays?<BR> Highest ever ?<BR> 1. Togetherness A...
  11. Italian Soul Scene News

    Word from Michelle of update to La Pelle Nera
  12. Odds and Sods

    Seems that the CSC lot wont be able to do the Viaduct due to a problem with the late nite licencing
  13. Long Weekend

    Weekend nearly here and if you have a look at the Top Events bit its a busy one rare soul wise
  14. Motown Connections Vol 2 CD

    Busy times, heres a few scraps of news, thanks to David F and Neil The Motown Connection Cd complied by Jo Wallace
  15. New Kent Cd Plus More News

    Latest news of what Kent is up to, thanks to Mr Flynn
  16. New Kent Cd out in July 2001

    Word of a new kent cd Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities - CDKEND 192 -
  17. Wheelsville - the missing link

    Ive just come across a copy of Wheelsville 104. Has anyone ever seen this before - Debora Healy - "I Cant Erase My Old Loves Face"? The other side is "Dont Do Nothing I Wouldnt Do" Its the same as the issue on Chrysler,...
  18. Showcase Ronald McCoy ( Ex-Topics) - Come Back Boo

    Ronald McCoy - Come Back Boo -Spotlight
  19. Some Love It Some Hate it

    If you want it, its up for auction at Pat Bradys
  20. Dj Slags Off Internet Groups Plus Keith M Playlist

    Had news from up North that on Sundays Jazz FM radio show, Richard Searling had a right go at Internet Soul...
  21. Doors Open Today! A New Home And A New

    Ok day 1 the doors are open! After revamping and moving everything across, I never want to see a bloody computer again........ Hopefully you agree with me when I say that the new format seems to be a vast improvement and has a lot of potential. A...
  22. Soul Patrol - Best laugh

    Had word of what is a very unusual thing thats been set up on internet........
  23. Internet Madness - Ebay And T***s

    Couple of big ones on ebay - Patrinell Staten - little love affair about 20 hours to go and at $2,325.00............ Just setting up me software to do last minute sniping on it... yeah in my dreams. Word was springers were up at opening bid o...
  24. Top Dog Label Listing 98

    Top Dog Label The label was based at 9430 Woodward Ave. Detroit and owned by Artie Fields. 101 DON RONDO JUST BEFORE THE BATTLE ??? 102 KRIS PETERSON JUST AS MUCH (G.Terry & M.Terry) (2:25) Producer:Artie Fields Artie Fields Pub. & Le...
  25. Dynamics Label Listing

    D-1011-A THE SUPERLATIVES....DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (J.Edwards-A-.Lanot-G.Jones J.Hendricks) (2:24) Produced by Dynamics Record Co. - Jay Bird Publishing. D-1011-B THE SUPERLATIVES FORGET ABOUT TOMORROW (A.Harrell) (2:46) Music by Big Bubber Combo (T...

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