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R.I.P. Dr Edward J Wolfrum


R.I.P.  Dr Edward J Wolfrum magazine cover

This evening brings the sad news of the passing of Dr Edward J Wolfrum. Ed was the man behind the screen, the engineer for Motown, Golden World, and United Sound Systems studio, and from the very late 60s running his business from home under the name of Audio Graphics until recently. It's a sad day for music, in the UK we know and take for granted songs such as The Tomangoe's. I Really Love You. Washpan.  Norma Jenkins. The Airplane Song. Maltese.  The Utopias. Girls Are Against Me. La Salle. Marva Whitney. Savin' My Love For You Baby. Federal.  Edwin Starr. Stop Her On Sight/Headline News. Ric Tic. Larry Wright. Sweet, Sweet Kisses. Ago go. Brothers of Soul, Candice Love.. and hundreds more.

The passing of Ed has a personal connection with myself, I, Chris King, and Guy Hennigan visited his house in 1985. And later trips I made with Andy 'tats' Taylor, Rob Wigley we found the un-released version of My Dear Heart. Barbara Mercer, and Gwen Owens. You Better Wake Up (before we break up) Candy. Ben Knight. Popcorn Wyley's Sweet Understanding. Got 3 Golden World acetates. Gwen Owens. Hit and Run, Heart Trouble, and Daddy-O.

Visited Ed +Sue Wolfrum with John Kingan in 94 Each time went out for dinner, alongside Artie Fields (Top Dog) and heard some wonderful stories, and not all musical.


Rest on Ed, you did your bit, and more


                            Gonna miss you


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A man whose musical influence and expertise behind the scenes has been appreciated by countless people over the years - even if they didn’t know it. RIP.

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Rest In Peace Sir, A true Legend in your field of expertise........

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Thanks for sharing.  I met with Ed around 2004.  I was at the University of Michigan and was writing a paper on the Detroit studio scene of the 1960s and interviewed him several times for that.  I got the same treatment it sounds like as several mentioned here.  Sat in the living room and listened to Golden World acetates played at maximum volume through Ed's Klipsch horn speakers and the music never sounded so good, went upstairs to the studio to listen to Funkadelic master tapes, looked through all the old studio and artist photos he took, got dinner with Sue and Artie Fields.  Ed had a wealth of knowledge and really was in the center of it all, I'm glad a lot of this history got transmitted out before his passing.  I got an A+ on my paper thank to him!  RIP Ed Wolfrum.  

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