Sad News - Jackie Moore RIP

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RIP Jackie

My absolute fav, proper soul record


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I wouldn't normally post on these threads but always loved This Time Baby (3:56 version).  RIP.


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One of the greatest of all soul singers, and woefully underrated. Her music has given me hundreds of hours of pleasure.  It was my dream to possibly see her live at somewhere like Bilbao but clearly no longer an option. RIP.

Mick Clements profile photo


Sad News. What an immensely soulful voice. Never forget hearing "This Time Baby" for the first time in the funk room at the Howard Mallett Club in Cambridge circa 1978 I think.  Rest In Peace Jackie Moore.

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Yes so sad to hear this. Precious Precious is my favourite but I remember always my late Mum coming into my room and dancing to "this time baby" that I was playing as a new record.

RIP Jackie .You were Wonderful.

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Really sad to hear this! With "Precious, Precious", "Both Ends..." , "This Time Baby"

and many others, she left behind so much great Soul !

Here's Jackie performing her first single - 


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Tomangoes profile photo


Awful news. RIP

Had the privilege of hearing her in LV and talking at length as she waited for her ride to the airport.

Wheelchair bound she gave it her all.

BEATM sounded as good live as the record.


Guest Shufflin profile photo


sad news, love her vocals on this


JJMMWG DuPree profile photo


It always seems wrong when someone younger than me dies first.  Especially when they're also more talented than me...

Polyvelts profile photo


I must have played ‘This time Baby’ 100s of times in my life.
Such a big part of so many peoples live !

A life well lived. RIP.

Westender profile photo

Posted (edited)

Bad news.

Jackie was for me a Premier league vocalist. Very under rated and under recorded. 

Her recordings at Muscle Shoals are sublime and essential.


Edited by Westender
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Rick Scott profile photo


So Sad. Back in 1970 this was the first Record by Jackie Moore i Purchased and been a Fan ever since (what's there not to Like)

R I P Jackie, Condolences to All Your Family and friends at this sad time and MUCH LOVE from all your fans You are really Precious Precious 

to them


Ian Parker profile photo


1983,   the place was a dump of a Night club in Grantham.     I was talking to a new found friend,  he loved the 'Philly' type stuff,  who brought  a record along to play (bearing in mind this was a nightclub ? )   it was 'This time baby'    by Jackie Moore ,   which he asked me to play . 

   i bought it the  following week,   still have it and still love it .    last time i spun it was the the Wellingborough weekend  (modern room) ...  maybe i should play it again.      Wonderful singer,    wonderful tributes ! 

45cellar profile photo


So sad to hear of her passing.

R.I.P. Jackie Moore

Bruv profile photo


 Very sad news another Great has gone  R.I.P. Jackie Moore..  I loved This Time Baby from the moment I first heard it at a Night Club in Bournemouth in the late 1970's this Track really stood out amongst the other records played at the time, for me So Soulful but with a touch of Disco to please everybody on the Dance Floor...

Ian Parker profile photo


goosebump record.     love it 

Tam La Motown profile photo


Sad news indeed. Thank you for the music and all the great memories associated with hearing those songs.

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