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Soul Source Video Feature Returns

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Soul Source Video Feature Returns magazine cover

Long time members may recall that since the early days of Soul Source (thats back in the late 1990s) soul video has played a major part in the make up of Soul Source.


Though as the last couple of years has seen a bit of a dip on the video side of things here on Soul Source, am now pleased to announce the return of the Soul Source Video feature.


It's a feature where members can both quickly view and easily share soul related videos sourced from a wide variety of third party sources.


Can share third party sources such as videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, Vine Video, TwitchTV & JustinTV


It can be a simple 5 second affair to add a third party video...

Just hit the "add video" button - paste the link - choose the category - bang the "add video" submit - thats it!

(though ensure the url is along the lines of the forum submits )

Or you can take your time and add a full descriptive title along with your own description/background etc



Currently approx 150 videos up from the last 3 years or so, various cats set up to make viewing and sharing quick and easy.

Ongoing improvements and tweaks on all aspects, so do feel free to shout up any suggestions


That's about it, its back and you just need to get to here to view, post, share, rate, comment etc etc




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