Soul Source Weekly Newsletter 04 Jun 2018

Soul Source Weekly Newsletter 04 Jun 2018 magazine cover

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Forum Topics

List of Northern
Stuart Mcintyre 1 comments
A handful of northern...
ben summers 1 comments
Gospel Comforters, Sensational Five, Debra Johnson
joesoul1958 1 comments
Sister Rosetta Thorpe Jericho
recordlurv 1 comments
News: Ebay Soul Records - May 2018 High Flyers - Top Tops
Source News 1 comments
10 LP s for sale 1 12"Graham, Dell, Callier, Christine Coo
Prophonics 2029 1 comments
wanted me and you fantastics
wictic 1 comments
Bongi & Nelson "That's The Kind Of Love" Mis-Press
soulboy69 1 comments
12 dancers for sale
sammy seaman 1 comments

Latest Videos

Let's Get Together by Jonny Benavidez and Cold Dia...
mike 0 comments
Gil Scott-Heron: Definition of a Poet
mike 0 comments

Latest Weekenders and Allnighters

Motte Allnighter
Sat 02 Jun 2018 (GMT+2)

Dance Dance Dance Worcester
Sat 20 Oct 2018 (GMT+1)

BREAK IT LOOSE: Bay Area Soul Weekender (SF/Oakland, CA)
Wed 30 May 2018 (GMT-7) - Sat 02 Jun 2018 (GMT-7)

6x6 Easter Wigan Allnighter
Fri 19 Apr 2019 (GMT+1)

Oslo Soul Experience - 15th anniversary weekender
Fri 15 Jun 2018 (GMT+2) - Sat 16 Jun 2018 (GMT+2)

Fri 06 Jul 2018 (GMT+1)

The Rhyl Weekender
Fri 14 Sep 2018 (GMT+1) - Sun 16 Sep 2018 (GMT+1)


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