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Tell me (crying over you) by The Delgonives

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Tell me (crying over you) by The Delgonives magazine cover

For those interested I have just released 'Tell me (crying over you)' by The Delgonives (digital only). There are 10 vocal and instrumental mixes. If you like a tenor sax it's there! If you like a bari middle 8, it's there. If you like an alternate vocal, it's there too. Also check out track 9, the 'rhythm plus' where you can hear just the drums and bass to commence with and builds up to the full orchestration.

The original concept for this song was in West London circa 2004. It's journey continued to Detroit in 2008 for recording by Spyder Turner and then the Bandtraxs release world wide digitally and on vinyl in 2008/9. I decided on a Delgonives cover specifically for the Carolina Beach scenario as I get more airplay in the US. However, there is a strong Detroit groove throughout from Drew Schultz who has doubled the drums up and incidentally, is The Four Tops drummer when on US tours so knows all the fills. I am using the same horn arrangement as Motown's David J. Van De Pitte too apart from the first verse which is mine and in general the same shuffle beat throughout. Compared to Spyders version the break is much shorter and because I have the time and technology, can weave different versions around the same rhythm backing. In fact I am currently negotiating a guest female featured artist with this backing. It is a way to hopefully recoup expenses in creating the track in the first place. 


Feel free to download the free mono radio mix here:

Free mono mix 'Tell me (crying over you)' by The Delgonives

and the promo showcasing some of the versions:

'Tell me (crying over you)'/The Delgonives - stereo promo

And as I really need to exploit my songs and get them out there, I am seriously thinking of going out performing them at some stage! This release is now in all leading digital stores and streaming services. Feel free to forward the links to anyone you feel may be interested.



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