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The Rare Soul Bible Volume 1 - The Reissue

The Rare Soul Bible Volume 1 - The Reissue cover

Due to increased demand following the publication of Volume 2, (And the fact that the originals are going for silly money on the web) I have decided to 'Reissue' Volume 1.

What’s New In The Reissue ?

Essentially this is the same book that was published 14 years ago. However, there are some differences. The vast majority of the discographies have been improved upon and expanded over that period, so the ones included here are the most complete ones I can provide in 2016. This means they take up far more space in the book itself, so whilst you have the advantage of far more detailed discographies, something else had to give. Therefore I took the decision to not include any of the original photographs, and delete all the biographies that were included in the first volume.

Volume 1 contains completely different content to Volume 2.

The book is available from Amazon right now, and will be available from me at venues all over the UK, starting with the Cleethorpes Weekender.

Book 1 - The Reissue.jpg

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