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The Voyage Of The Dynamo: Crate Digging In Outer Space - Kindle Release

The Voyage Of The Dynamo: Crate Digging In Outer Space - Kindle Release magazine cover

The Voyage Of The Dynamo: Crate Digging In Outer Space

A humorous romp through the Galaxy in search of an elusive rare soul record; or it might be about Manchester clubland in the 1980's. I don't know I only wrote it.

Hi Kittens,

Well after 12 years I've finally finished the book and while trying to find an agent to get a paper type artifact published I've made it available on Amazon Kindle. This is not your typical soul book but those of you who remember my stuff from B+S, Echoes, Mixmag, Shades Of Soul etc. wouldn't expect that.

hope you enjoy


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Publisher: Dean Johnson; First edition (2 July 2013)

Out now via kindle @ £2.03

To purchase use links below

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Ill be downloading it Dean!



At last! Nice one Dean....Jo & I will be downloading it too.....hope it is successful :-)

dean jj


Thanks Phil hope you enjoy it and tell the world! I have the outrageous ambition of paying off a small car loan!




My fiancee's favourite book of all time is Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy.  She also loves soul.  We'll be grabbing a copy! Good luck with it!



Just downloaded it Dean. Will start it tonight.

Ollie Lailey


That was a good laugh! Finished it the other day, just looking for a copy of Jean Washington now...........



Well done Dean really enjoyed the book it's great to know the future of rare soul is safe,thanks to the corporation,we can. All breathe easily about the future of our little black discs, giddy times indeed



Just finished it this afternoon and really enjoyed it.

Not my usual type of book, i'm more of a gangster and biography type but there was a lot in it to interest me. 

For example, Rare Soul and Labradors and Beer !!!!!

Highly recommended to anyone with a sense of humour and a love of Soul.

Well done Dean.

Big thumbs up from me !!!!!

dean jj


To be honest I don't know how the book ended up like it is: I read US crime noir all the time. I think it is a desperate desire not to name names!




The recent sad news of Deans @dean jj  passing on brought his book and then this article to mind, have updated the Kindle preview.


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