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This Is Lowrider Soul - New Compilation From Ace/Kent

This Is Lowrider Soul - New Compilation From Ace/Kent magazine cover

THIS IS LOWRIDER SOUL - CD Compilation from Ace/Kent

Just giving my Soul friends the heads up that a project I've been working on with Ruben Molina Arlene Sepulveda Josh Whittemore and Ady Croasdell for the past couple of years finally got a release date. A compilation of stunning Lowrider Soul from the playboxes of the leading DJ's in the genre + a couple of fabulous, previously unreleased, scorchers from The Lovers and Melvin Hicks.

Check out the link and order direct from Ace / Kent for just £11.50.

Not a lot of money for a whole lot of soul, I'm sure you'll agree.




  • 01 Preview Take A Step - Aesop's Fables
  • 02 Preview Why'd You Put Me On - Bobbi Row & the Englishmen
  • 03 Preview I Wanna Chance - The Vows
  • 04 Preview Where Were You - Brenton Wood
  • 05 Preview Second Hand Happiness - Jimmy Conwell
  • 06 Preview 'Til You Come Back To Me - Lee Williams & the Cymbals
  • 07 Preview Oh How It Hurts - Barbara Mason
  • 08 Preview I Really Love You - The Ambassadors
  • 09 Preview As I Sit Here - The Whispers
  • 10 Preview One More Chance - The Four Tees
  • 11 Preview No Doubt About It - The Esquires
  • 12 Preview It's Not That Easy - Reuben Bell With the Casanovas
  • 13 Preview It's So Hard To Break A Habit - The Webs
  • 14 Preview Pretending Dear - The Lovelles
  • 15 Preview Find Me - The Attractions
  • 16 Preview Shattered Dreams - The Endeavors
  • 17 Preview Be Kind To Love - The Interpreters
  • 18 Preview When You're Poor - The Lovers
  • 19 Preview Never Gonna Let Him Know - Debbie Taylor & the 4 Hesitations
  • 20 Preview As Long As I've Got You - The Charmels
  • 21 Preview Don't Forget About Me Baby - Jeff Dale
  • 22 Preview I'm A Lonely Man - Bobby Burn aka Bobby Wilburn
  • 23 Preview Crying All By Myself - William Bell
  • 24 Preview I'm Just Passing Time - Melvin Hicks & the Versatiles

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seano's profile photo


What a brilliant compilation! Love catching these tunes via YouTube with some great videos that Ian Whittington puts up but access to this set on CD is fantastic. Nice cover too, and I'm sure the sleeve notes will be as comprehensive as always with Kent.

I can imagine a 70s compilation might be a thought too but guess we'll have to wait.....

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algsoul's profile photo


order in for this one

  • Up vote 1
carty's profile photo


Leaning more and more to this kind of sound , previews ( the ones i dont already know) sound fantastic . Will be my   first C.D. purchase for a couple of years .

  • Up vote 1
soulster22's profile photo


This will sound great in my 58 Impala, what do you reckon 


  • Up vote 4
Tomangoes's profile photo


I just can't get the vibes from these slow soul records. Ambassadors just about does it.

Same with those deep soul treasures. Only the very very best do it for me.

Good luck with the launch though as any interest that rewards these artists are welcome.


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Tim Richmond's profile photo


Hell, what a compilation! The term 'Low Rider Soul' is a new one on me, these are the type of tune I listen to most of the time, wasn't aware I was into 'Low Rider Soul' , I simply try to acquire 'quality' tunes, must of been doing something right for the past 40 years.

Will be ordering the CD immediately.



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seano's profile photo


7 hours ago, Tim Richmond said:

Hell, what a compilation! The term 'Low Rider Soul' is a new one on me, these are the type of tune I listen to most of the time, wasn't aware I was into 'Low Rider Soul' , I simply try to acquire 'quality' tunes, must of been doing something right for the past 40 years.

Will be ordering the CD immediately.



Tim - this guy's videos all seem to be Low Rider Soul / Chicano Soul. Stylishly edited though the visuals may be a bit of a marmite-type thing for some people. It was via his video to Darrow Fletcher's '(Love is my) Secret Weapon' that I first heard the track and am now the proud owner of the Kent 7" issue of the track.


If that link doesn't work just search YouTube for Ian Whittington. I don't know anything about him, I've assumed he's a British Soulie who moved over to LA  - anybody here know the story?

Shufflin's profile photo


got this from the US when released, only 100 hand stamped copies, just nice authentic low rider soul music (good luck getting a copy)


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SoulStrutter's profile photo


Not as good as the original IMHO:


razadelsoul's profile photo


Will there also be an LP release?

seano's profile photo


Yay! Got home this evening to find the CD had been dropped through the door. Looking forward to listening to it and reading the comprehensive 23 page booklet. With all the threads covering OVO, downloads etc Kent keep pushing the value of the CD purchase. A Kent CD always gives me a similar glow to buying a 45 (reading the details that might be listed on each side of the disc), or an album, though to be honest I never quite developed the same love of albums as of 45s.

Hope those of you who bought this CD enjoy it as much as I'm expecting to.....

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seano's profile photo


Thanks for this CD Sean and all involved. Had several listens through now and it's a great compilation, along with a very informative booklet.

The track by Bobby Burn 'I'm a lonely man' on Chant - you refer to a subsequent issue on Gamble where he's named as Bobby Wilburn. Assuming that both of those are the same recording, is there another version of this tune? I'm sure I've heard a slightly different one, maybe on a CD a friend put together and gave me, or is it just my ageing ears?!

Great CD anyway, loving this.

BabyBoyAndMyLass's profile photo


Some great music in this field, the Kent CD is a great introduction to the canon, an excellent addition to ones' collection of eclectic sounds!

I particularly enjoy the Panama label, home to some great tracks by my fave Lowrider oldies artist Little Francisco Greaves, here's two from his catalogue both very different from one another. 

Fast funky 'Jump' groove. 

Slow laid back groover, very trippy this one can be, lovely tune on the Sally Ruth label. 


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