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Togetherness 2013 DVD now available

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Togetherness 2013 DVD now available magazine cover

Hi!x At long last... just in time to make the 10th Anniversary of the making of the Togetherness ‘fly on the wall’ documentary filmed at Kings Hall, Stoke...is now available for the first time ‘officially’ on DVD to order for a guaranteed Xmas delivery! You heard it here first on Soul Source! We have managed to secure a stock of 500 for distribution before Xmas. However there are only 227 copy’s left for those not already ordered from this initial Xmas stock!

What’s on it...? I will leave that to independent ‘reviewers’ from the Soul Scene to share with you! Why release it now? Why not?!x The documentary was made ad-hoc at the time without any intention other than for me to personally capture the scene...as it happened! As a consequence and due to the ‘quality’ on offer by the film...Kev Roberts distributed 1000 copies of it on VHS and that was that in 2003! There hasn’t been an ‘official’ DVD made to date and no further copies on VHS have been available for 10 years. Based on the feedback of the reviewers below.....my decision to release it again....has been justified...I reckon!x

It was done as a labour of love...for me...and that ethos continues with this new DVD!x The profits after DVD production and distribution costs are going to recognised Charity’s and the like...and here’s some up to date info on them...!x

“I found it an interesting and enjoyable reflection of the scene, even although it was filmed in 2003. Some of the comments, however, could well have been filmed last week, as they still apply today”...”Quality was excellent and it was well produced.”...“You should make more.”

(Souled Trafford on Soul Source)


The first of interest to most Soulies will be ‘Charity Soul’....a relatively new concept driven by dedicated Soulies/Promoters and DJ’s coming together nationally to raise funds via the Scene for stem cell research to tackle the big C and other worthwhile causes. I was invited to review their concept and actions to date and was so impressed I have arranged for £1 to go to that growing pot from every official DVD that is sold. Their money as a collective is currently going directly to the renowned Professor Maitland’s own research project that is a world leader in such things.

Upon meeting those involved and further discussions with University and medical folk based in Cambridge whom i’ve worked with in charitable ways and means over time...I decided his efforts are certainly worth supporting. The ‘Charity Soul’ folks motivation was based on their friends who have been lost to this diseases which is so close to being addressed to a resolve which will save thousands of UK lives...Soulies or not. I felt it a worthwhile cause...and hope you agree...X

“Having watched the DVD twice I feel confident to review it with an open mind. I found the whole package to be professional, informative and very entertaining with numerous interviews that were Humorous and light hearted but at the same time delivered with Passion and Fact.

It was nice to see an Interviewer with great knowledge of the scene pose questions that are relevant and thought provoking, although the filming was done 10 years ago it’s still valid today. The film also captures very well the passion and excitement of the whole experience of a Nighter, from the queue outside to the action on the dance floor and of course The Music.” (Brav on Soul Sauce)


The 2nd Charitable cause connected to the Scene has just ‘come on top’ this last week! Soulies successfully raised funds to ensure an ‘official’ Plaque was done for posterity commemorating the Wigan Casino and where it once stood. The surplus funds raised are being donated to a rehab centre in which a now departed Soulie worked at helping drug dependent victims some of which started their battle with drugs as a direct result of their involvement with the Scene back in the 70’s. I was made aware of this facility and intend to visit on the 12th December to meet its operators and patients to see if 50p from every DVD can go there to assist them with their good work on behalf of suffering Soulies and all. I will report back via SS as to the outcome of that meeting and hopefully UTUBE some interviews I hope to capture from folks who frequented Wigan and other fine venues back in the day and have their perspective on life for you to hear and add to your knowledge base of the scene...it’s folk...the positive...and collateral...out there. Another worthwhile cause methinks. The above intentions have been confirmed with those responsible for them.


”From start to finish I found it really engrossing”...”Having been there that night myself, and multiple times before and since, the buzz which the King's Hall has, was undoubtedly captured, not least by seeing Derek Allan dancing away behind the decks in the first few moments. Later on there's an interview with him, and the never ending enthusiasm that personified Derek, and one of the things we all remember so well about him beamed out. There is also a nice little RIP tribute to him, which quite moved me.”...”There are a number of interviews, Richard Searling, Ian Levine, Ginger, Sean Chapman, Chris King, Shifty (nice to see that) Kenny Burrell, Terry Davies to name but a few,”...”...all of which are worth a listen too.”....”Overall the balance of the film for me (I'll emphasise from my point of view) was excellent, in fact the best I've seen of its type.”.........”I'll say now that in my opinion, it's aimed squarely at the mainstream northern soul scene so I'd estimate at least 90% of people currently attending, who watch it, will enjoy it and of the other 10%, if you're open minded, there'll be something about it you'd like.” (Winnie on Soul Source)


A 3rd potential benefactor I will mention here is the ‘Wigan Young Souls’. I have discussed with other Promoters and those responsible for Charity money the possibility of assisting these Young ‘uns and their future endeavours in some way. A further meeting in which this will be discussed is taking place the weekend of 8th/9th December and afterwards I would like to make an approach to develop such links with WYS....assuming they have a need! As yet I have not approached them ‘officially’ and so will report at a later date as to that outcome. I would like to think charitable proceeds could go to encourage Youth involvement in the scene in some way to assist with its long term continuation. They...along with other kids...are who we are all relying on to continue the longest running underground scene Britain has ever known. Those of us already initiated who were ‘there’ and kids at the start...have perhaps 20/30 years available to ensure that survives. After that...is where my focus is on with this ‘investment’. As said...I will report back via SS as soon as I have had a friendly meeting with those involved...hopefully before Xmas...or soon after!x


“Unlike most of the “in the club” video footage that I’ve seen, here we have interviews with both the punters and the DJ’s and promoters on the night, nicely threaded together by DJ turned media man Sooty.”...”From the collector’s point of view, the film captures Kenny Burrell’s suppressed delight on acquiring a copy of the Mello Souls on the night. There’s footage outside the Kings Hall asking where folks had travelled from, what they make of the event and free tickets are on offer if they can name the labels on which a well-known oldie was released, which keeps an amusing, light hearted thread, running through the film. Would make a stocking filler to watch whilst the wife’s burning the Christmas pudding! (Back Street Blues Soul Source)

“I loved the DVD”...”The deejay interviews were fantastic (all of them)”...”It is what it is, a perfect peep into a part of the scene from 10 years ago, a DVD that I enjoyed thoroughly, and that you made funny with your little captions and quiz in the queue ha ha ha!!” (Alison H on Soul Source)

“I would like to say i enjoyed the DVD , thought Sooty did a excellent job of presenting it”...the people interviewed showed their passion for northern soul and there was a great soundtrack...” (Gogger on Soul Source)


There are other charity/worthwhile causes benefitting from this DVD but I will explain more about that in a minute! For those who weren’t aware of this DVD...the backdrop to it was this! I had a Media Company rapidly expanding and a new cameraman who was gethering experience. On the day in question in 2003...without planning but pure circumstance...we ended up at Kings Hall for him to ‘train’! I didn’t know what I was going to film or who I was going to speak too if anyone! I had permission from Kev Roberts and Richard Searling to film something and that was it! I was genuinely gobsmacked at what had been captured when reviewing it all later! It included ‘Chats’ with Nationally recognised DJ’s/Promoters...and feedbck from Soulies in the behind the scenes build up that has perhaps never been captured on film in the way it has been before!

As a Soulie...I was excited by the result and so was Kev! 1,000 copies were made available and sold back in 2003....and that was it! So...to release it now after 10 years is based on the truth that not many folk know of its existence really...or may have come back to the scene since! It is ‘unique’ as far as available products covering the scene goes...and therefore want to pass that gathered footage on.....and...an Anniversary excuse seems good enuff for me....as it has been for all of us on the scene celebrating this or that!!x

As there was no ‘planning’ or real ‘professional’ approach to it....here and there....the footage is less than what anyone should expect from a DVD purchased in the shop and creaming you for your dosh! Nope...you have a warts and all job...which had to address the lighting issues on offer and the innocence of the cameraman who wasn’t confident enough to walk around the floor in your face so to speak! I’m glad he didn’t really. As a Soulie...I go to dance....and would have been put out if i’d have had a light or camera shoved in me face at 3/4am in the morning! So...respectfully done given the circumstances! Having said that....all the interviews done on the stage at close hand and chats with Soulies are of quality picture and sound and all is as you’d expect! I’m just being honest based on some of the ‘reveiwers’ comments!x

“Yes some of the lighting was a little iffy, but it was made in 2003, so can you expect anything else? It didn't to me, dwell on any one element for too long and looks like a labour of love made for the people” (Winnie)

“Loved it ! The rawness of it was refreshing.”...”Only real negative was the quality of the picture but in a backhanded kind of way gave it that lived in feel and like you were in the moment.”... ” Nice to see Sean nearly smiling and Terry, Kenny and Chris ( and the rest ) giving an honest response without being guarded or trying to impress.”...Loved the laid back nature of Sooty's technique and he looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying it.” (Tezza on Soul Source)

“The actual dancing footage is used to segway between the interviews and is almost incidental to the gist of the film, which works for the initiated but is probably a little too vague and grainy for anyone buying the video to see that side of the niter.” (BSB)

“The dance-floor shots pulled at my heartstrings, just a bunch of folk dancing their hearts out with only the music in mind and none of the tomfoolery you sometimes see today. The background music was right up my street (CD please Sooty :o) ) & it was nice to hear it subtly throughout the DVD.”...”There were so many other things I could have commented on (in a good & funny way) but didn't want to recite it all & spoil it for those who haven't had the pleasure of watching it yet. (Alison H)”

So it isn’t a ‘dance lessons’ DVD’!!!x I hadn’t been to a function for 3 years and indeed surprised many friends on the night whom I had shared the floors and Decks with around the UK as a Promoter/DJ and Soulie through the 90s. Our friendship...banter and genuine ‘Togetherness’ came through I feel! It certainly epitomised what memory and feeling I had been left with by them all a few years earlier! How much is it for this 1 hour and ½ + Hours of excitement...knowledge and fun?

“Would I pay £10 for it??? A big fat YES all day long.” (Brav)

”price i think mentioned was 10 pound bit pricey maybe but most is going to charity so who knows?”...”would definitely advise people to watch it...” (Gogger)

“If I had paid for this DVD I would not be rushing back demanding a refund.”(Tezza)

In conclusion I was given this video to review, the question is would I have bought it, and the answer is a resounding YES...(Winnie)

“I personally will be buying a few DVD's to give to my friends as Christmas/birthday presents who appear on the flydoc as they will be thrilled & maybe horrified

to see how they were 10 years ago.” (Alison H)

Purchase Details

£10 + £2.50 P&P for UK delivery...to include safe Xmas packaging....for Xmas!x

€12 Euros + €5 P&P for Mainland Europe Delivery

$16.50 + $9 P&P for USA wide Delivery

For other destinations such as Australia/Asia and the African Continent etc please E-mail zoots@matso.tv for more details.

Paypal payment goes to:- ZOOTS@MATSO.TV

Address to send registered cash/postal orders etc:-

Vertical Zoots, Unit 6 Road Farm, Ermine way, Arrington, Herts, England, Sg8 0aa

PLEASE NOTE: The current available Xmas stock is PAL only and not NTSC format. However...I have 187 orders for NTSC copies prior to this launch and If you want an NTSC copy then they will be available in limited quantity in January/February 2014. Or...as soon as we have 250 ordered they will be produced and delivered....whichever comes sooner!x

Payment can be made by cash/postal order sent by registered post...Paypal or Bank Transfer.

The PAL DVD is intended to be off the production line on the 12th December 2013 when we hope to collect and start distributing that day or the next! I have taken on a young Lad called Sean who suffers with turrets and has had difficulty in getting a job since leaving school in the Summer.

I look forward to hearing his profanity as he posts up to 500 hundred DVDs....meticulously!!! It will earn him some Xmas money and certainly keep a smile on his face doing the envelopes and things as he sweats away! Sean is as I say meticulous with his effort so please ‘chill’ with the delivery and it will get there for Xmas...I promise’!x

UTUBE CLIP with snippets of the DVD!!x



In addition to the above quality film...as a bonus...for free...we have added 4 brand new ‘tunes’ with vids made by The Zoots Collective....!! My friend Pete who is a successful Producer was inspired by my Northern Soul and general obscure 45s collection from the 50s, 60s, & 70s...20 months ago. It led to him making an album consisting of 16 new tunes! 3 of them are derivatives of Northern! Out of respect to you Soulies...and the scene...we present them here...for free...for yours and your kids/Grandkids delight...or scorn!!hehe!x

We feel they ‘unite’ or connect generations ‘together’...and hope you see there is a place for them out there....somewhere!x At the very least we feel they pay respects to the originals...and as a Soulie...I wouldn’t have it any other way!x Enjoy them....as they are ‘free’!

The Zoot tunes - Love those. (A.K.A Tezza on SS)

I asked Lacey my 24 year old step-daughter for her opinion….she loved “competition liquidated” (T. Williams sample) and “Fred’s Rap” (Fred Hughes sample) and thought they were ripe for airplay on BBC Radio One Extra as she felt that they have enough currency a la RizzleKicks/Dizzy Rascal to go down well with the kids!!

The other two tracks, she said, needed stronger and more emphasised rap-lyrics to elevate them beyond “TV advert backing tracks”…..and who am I to argue? (BSB)

Now to the 4 bonus tracks at the end of the film, I’m not sure they have any relevance to the film but I found tracks 1 and 3 to be really good especially the video to track 3, tracks 2 and 4 I didn’t like very much but that’s not to say other people wouldn’t like them, purely personal taste. (Brav)

Good luck with this and the Zoots Collective Work. I wasn't sure I would like how the tracks had been sampled but they were actually quite good, not "traditional" dance-floor material, but if you're looking for a younger and more commercial audience then you could be on to something. (Alison H)

...not sure about the zoots collection , i always say leave the original alone , but today’s youngsters may enjoy them and create some interest , not saying they were bad though, (Gogger)

The Zoots Collective is Pete...a.k.a ZOmbie boy...and me soOTS...hence ZOOTS!!! There is a 4th track added stemming from a late 50’s bluesy instrumental which explains our feelings about the music industry today...Mr Cowell liked it!!!!x

The Zoots first album will be available soon and we feel it will be of interest to Soulies and those who grew up in a ‘Soulful’ environment....whether you made your kids listen to your tunes or not!!!hehe!!x Talking of ‘kids’...the other charitable causes that this DVD is supporting are 3 Fans Trust organisations! Cambridge Fans United was donated the ‘Competition Liquidated’ tune....Cambridge City Trust have ‘Fred’s Rap’ and HIST...Histon FC’s Fans group...have ‘Hopez n Dreamz’ as their tune!

We gave them the tunes over a year ago and as they are on this DVD...£1 from each DVD is going to each Trust.

All cash raised for them I will ensure is invested into Community stuff focused on local kids connected to all 3 clubs! On that basis...currently....up to £5 is spoken for from any profit each sale generates to charitable causes! A respected Soulie...collector...record dealer and DJ...said this just this week....and it comes better from him...

”...anyone bootlegging a charity DVD is on the same level as someone stealing Poppy Day money from a collection box”...Pete S of Planet Records

(posted 30th November on Soul Source)

This ‘promotion’ is for the available Xmas stock...which is going FAST.....! There will be more after Xmas....but that’s it!

STOP PRESS!!.....a late decision made this Monday 2nd means that 100 copy’s of the available 227 left will be held back and available to order at KINGS HALL THIS SATURDAY for the All Nighter! It began there...was filmed there....and when we thought about it...it’s respectful to ‘re-launch’ it there!!!

We look forward to discussing any of the above with those attending and as said....there will be 100 available to you that night for guaranteed Xmas delivery!

We will be there from 9pm start....until 2am...as i’m DJing at a Dayer on Sunday and need me Booty sleep...fank u!!!x


Merry Xmas All!!!!x









The ‘Togetherness’ 2013 DVD is an independent product produced by Matso.TV and The Zoots Collective.

No other person/Company or collective has any claim or responsibility for it! So there!!!x

Mal C Dec 05 2013 09:01 PM

Well, I'm simply Gobsmacked..


Peter99Dec 07 2013 12:56 PM

Yes Sooty - but how do you order one?

SOOTYDec 07 2013 05:23 PM

?!x Erm.....depending on how u wanna do it Pete?!x Paypal pay zoots@matso.tv and leave your details which usually come to us for posting too! Send payment to the address featured! Send me an email to zoots@matso.tv to sort any other method out!x Currently...I put 350 available of the 500 for you folk via Soul Source first. That has been dwindled since the launch to now before I go to Stoke of 173 copy's left for guaranteed delivery for Xmas...including the 100 i'd set aside for anyone at Stoke! I have MY 150 for friends/family and free loaders unconnected to the scene.......which I can break into if I need too.....but....that's it before a proper Facebook/Ebay campaign or ad which will run from next Wednesday until the Xmas 350...or so.,..have gone!x

Folk have PM'd me with an order/reservation too before the launch proper.....quite a few....ain;t figured their payment yet....but have their delivery details.......!!! Luv it!!x








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