Video Doc - Get Down With The Philly Sound - Presented By Dimitri From Paris 25 Mins

Video Doc - Get Down With The Philly Sound - Presented By Dimitri From Paris 25 Mins magazine cover

A great 25 minute online documentary presented by Dimitri from Paris all about the Philly Sound

Featuring interviews and such from the likes of Bobby Eli, Earl Young and more, it makes enjoyable viewing

Looks like the doc-video release has been made available to tie in with a forthcoming cd from BBE

The Cd info is below and as it says should be available from May 18 2010


A film about the creators of Disco and the Philly Sound.

Featuring the Founder of Sigma Sound Studios, Joe Tarsia.

As well as the legendary Earl Young of the infamous Baker, Harris, Young Rhythm Section.

Additional footage of Tony Montana and Bobbi Eli, Jimmy Williams and Tom Moulton.

Hear the real story about the music that changed Dance and Club Culture. A BBE Music Production © 2010

BBE Records proudly presents its fifth and arguably most exciting compilation with The French DJ and ambassador of disco — Dimitri from Paris. Get Down With The Philly Sound focuses on Dimitri's essential disco era tracks, all were made in Philadelphia, and feature the core of the rhythm section that created and defined the sound of the genre. Dimitri's selection on CD1 traces the evolution of the '70s disco groove from the first ever disco hit record, to the rejuvenation of the Jackson 5's career, interspersed with obscurities such as Charles Mann to the magnificent Teddy Pendergrass; Philly International's answer to Marvin Gaye. CD2 of the compilation pays homage to the original creators and innovators of the remix and extended edits with reworkings exclusively by Dimitri from Paris.

BBE releases Get Down With the Philly Sound! on May 18, 2010

CD1. Original Tracks

01. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes — The Love I Lost

02. The Jackson's — Living Together

03. Teddy Pendergrass — You Can't Hide From Yourself

04. Carl Bean — I Was Born This Way

05. John Davis — Night & Day

06. The Trammps — The Night The Lights Went Out

07. Teddy Pendergrass — The More I Get The More I Want

08. TJM — I Don't Need No Music

09. Charles Mann — Do It Again

10. Eddie Kendricks — He's a Friend

11. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes — Tell The World How I Feel About 'Cha Baby

12. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes — Bad Luck (Pt. 1 & 2)

13. Philly Devotions — Hurt So Bad

14. The Girls (Brown Sugar) — I'm Going Through Changes

CD2. Remixes and Edits all respectfully done by Dimitri from Paris utilizing the original multi track parts

01. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes — The Love I Lost (DFP remix)

02. The Jackson's — Living Together (DFP edit)

03. The Trammps -The Night The Lights Went Out (DFP edit)

04. Teddy Pendergrass-You Can't Hide From Yourself (DFP remix)

05. Teddy Pendergrass-The More I Get The More I Want (DFP remix)

06. Eddie Kendricks-He's a Friend (DFP remix) 8mn

07. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes-Tell The World How I Feel About 'Cha (DFP edit)

08. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes-Bad Luck (Pt. 1 & 2) (DFP edit)

09. Philly Devotions-Hurt So Bad (DFP remix)


1. This compilation is the first ever to document the birth of disco in Philadelphia and the work of the unsung musicians who played on the numerous hits that came out from the Philadelphia scene.

2. The compilation exclusively features five remixes and four edits by Dimitri from Paris.

3. Online bonus features — A Tom Moulton Mix in the style of his legendary Sandpiper mix tapes that brought him to the attention of Philly International and Salsoul records and started off the remix, available exclusively from the BBE website using download codes available to physical copy purchases.

4. An epk shot with the surviving key members of the Philly movement.

5. This release is a historical documentation of the birth of modern dance or nightclub music. Every remixer, DJ and dancefloor has been influenced by the content of this release.

6. Gamble and Huff granted BBE access to multi track tapes for four tracks for Dimitri to create new mixes of their classic recordings.

7. Earl Young is founder of The Trammps and creator of the 4/4 disco drum pattern which laid the template for every dance record since

8. Recording engineer Joe Tarsia founded Sigma Sound in 1968, and virtually of all the disco recordings released on Philadelphia International, Salsoul, Philly World, Gold Mind and Atlantic were made at his studio.

9. The release will be accompanied by extensive liner notes, pictures, interviews and anecdotes from the legendary players involved in the music.

10. Listening parties will take place in key capital cities as well as themed DJ events with Dimitri from Paris.

11. A bonus limited vinyl of mixes from Tom Moulton, Francois K and John Morales.

12. The vinyl edition of Dimitri's remixes will include bonus passes not available on CD or digitally.

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great mike

can i add a article/interview i did with pete mckenna regards nightshift and who the hells frank wilson please. if yea, how?


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