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  1. Zanzibars Birmingham - A Big Thank You.

    By Mark Bicknell, in Soul Features,


    Zanzibars 25 May a DMSC Lookback

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    First a quick good to meet all the online types knocking around espically the down south ones who dont get to see so often nowadays. After fridays adventures, pleased to ann…

    Young Soul Rebels - Book Review

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    Latest add to the reviews is a detailed look at Soul Source member Stuart Cosgrove's Young Soul Rebels History Of Northern Soul

    You Can't Outsmart A Woman - The Kell Osborne Story

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    From Chalky an informative write up of Kell Osborne soul output including scans and clips The Kell Osborne Story Kell Osborne (Born in 1939 on the 12th March) wa…

    Yorkshire Riders Halifax Aug - Look and Plays

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Have to say, had a another enjoyable nite out at that Yorkshire Riders event in Halifax industrial estate A fair few of us did the journey across and at end all gave it a…


    By mike, in Soul Features,

    YORKSHIRE RIDER LOOK BACK 12/04/03 “If it weren’t true…………………..” Guest DJ: CRAIG BUTLER  Col & I went up to the Rider good ‘n’ early and, with the hel...

    YORKSHIRE RIDER 15/03/03 Review

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    March has been a full month of great soul so far. Col&I went to both the Prestatyn and Llandudno weekenders - whod have thought soul heaven was in Wales;-)))))) Both of th…

    Xmas At The CSC Dome - View From The Floor

    By in town Mikey, in Soul Features,

    A great view from the floor Intown Mikey Capitol Xmas Bash 14/12/01 How many Northern Soul fans does it take to change a light bulb? Two ! One to change it, the other to…

    Write a Love Letter to Luther

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    The Verve Music Group and the American Diabetes Association will kick off “Write a Love Letter to Luther,” a national fundraising campaign for musician Luther Vandross, on Au…

    Worthwhile Info - Andy Rix, Dave Flynn, Pat B,Motown

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    A soul article of info, facts and info from 2001

    Worst UK Releases - Pete Smith

    By Pete S, in Soul Features,

    Originally posted up on Soul Source in the 90s. More from the Smith factory, worst 50 Uk...

    WorcSoulSurvivor blog from 2007

    By WorcSoulSurvivor, in Soul Features,

    The Glades Kidderminster - 10th February '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 06 February 2007 As expected Another great nite by the Kiddy Boys, although they messed up wi…

    Wirrina Reunion 2014 - Letter of thanks

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    A letter of thanks after a donation of funds raised via the just gone Wirrina Reunion 2014

    Winsford Niter 7th Anniversary Soul Review

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    7th Anniversary of the South Cheshire Soul Clubs Winsford Allnighter

    Winsford Niter - Liberation Review

    By daved, in Soul Features,

    Going back a couple of Fridays and heres a review by Dave D of his adventures at the Winsford All nighter

    Wilton - Last Friday by Chalky

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    A tale of what went on at the wilton by Chalkie Well what can I say aboout this place except superb. Great venue and the music is what I like to hear at a nighter (ha…

    WILTON - Jan 2003 plays

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Had reports that last Fridays niter at Wilton was "best one for a fair while"! Ian Cunliffe kindly bashed out his plays from his spot (originally posted on soul talk) …


    By Winnie :-), in Soul Features,

    Started the weekend in just the right way, a really good soul night at Willington. This is a really cool venue: a good sized dance floor thats in good repair, a pretty good s…

    Willie Mitchell 1928 - 2010 By Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    A report on the recently held public memorial celebration and a look at the career of this recently departed legend. WILLIE MITCHELL 1928 - 2010 by Rob Moss To des…

    Willie Hutch Article in the Dallas Observer

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    He'll be there By Robert Wilonsky Published: Thursday, October 29, 1998 Willie Hutch's studio sits along a desolate stretch of Highway 67 in Cedar H...


    Wigan Casino May 1980

    By Steve G, in Soul Features,

    Here is a very old review of Wigan Casino from Blackbeat.

    Why 60S Newies?

    By in town Mikey, in Soul Features,

    Just been pondering life, love and the 60s newies crowd. As you do. And whilst doing this, I stumbled accross a theory....

    who f****** the brooks bros

    By Mark Bicknell, in Soul Features,

    Whos ******* The Brooks Brothers and Melvin Davis Back To Back? Oh dear me, just when I thought the bootleg thing was slowing down imagine my horror to see two of Detroits fi…

    Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    By stevesilktulip, in Soul Features,

    Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    White Men Can't Jump - The Turley Richards Story

    By scotchmartin, in Soul Features,

    White Men Can't Jump - The Turley Richards Story By Martin Gavin (Scotch Martin)

    Wheelsville listing from Soul Express1986

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Wheelsville usa listing Listing taken from Soul Express Summer 1986 101 JIMMY GILFORD - I wanna be your baby/ Misery Street 102 STEVE MANCHA - Did My Baby Call/…

    Wheelsville - the missing link

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Ive just come across a copy of Wheelsville 104. Has anyone ever seen this before - Debora Healy - "I Cant Erase My Old Loves Face"? The other side is "Dont Do No…

    Whats that smell?

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    You may remember all the "discussion" about certain records that a ex-dj and others claimed were true originals. ordinary soul fans, at 3 fi...

    What Went Down At Valatone Soul Nite

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    What Went Down At Valatone Soul nite Posted on Thursday, May 24 @ GMT Standard Time by mike h Johnny T wrote Hi everyone, I want to say a big thank you to all the soulboys an…

    What Happened Miss Simone - Book Review

    By SouledTrafford, in Soul Features,

    Latest addition to the review section. A review of a recently published biography by souledtrafford

    Following recent ups and downs in the promoters of the soul nights in Weston super mare and the fall of attendances in the past year or so, it was with a certain amount of ne…

    Wellingborough - The Final Curtain

    By Baz, in Soul Features,

    Now that was a proper soul night! Here comes the rant............... Why oh why does it have to be the last one to atract numbers like that? too many inferior soul nig…

    Welcome to Soul Source's new regular column

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Starting today the start of a new regular column on Soul Source Rob Moss's Soulful Gatherings. Many may be aware of Robs work as the man behind Hayley Records and more t…

    Weekend View Jun 2003 100 Club and This Thing Of Ours a rushed view on weekend, 8.10am on a Saturday and got out of door only 10 mins late, picked up Ritchie and Ann, no…

    Weekend Round Up

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    New Tighter Format - Odd bits of news will go in Forum, while stuff like from weekend will be on main page. SCENESVILLE -SECOND ANNIVERSARY Friday nite One of the b…

    Odds and Sods from last two weekends Short - content Sharp - errrr... humour Shock - more to come Heard Friday at Lowton was a good one, reports say hot hot hot, a …

    Weekend just gone 14/15 Feb

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Bit late but word on last weekend was Lowton Annivesary - heard numbers were a bit down, but was told the modern and R n B rooms were kicking. A well smart legal cd was t…

    Weekend Bits From Up North Wales/NW

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Quick Word on Broughton Wings Soul Nite. First time visit to this venue and a great nite. Held in the British Aerospace social club at Broughton near Chester, nite wa…

    Weekend Broughton, Goldbourne both kicking

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Have had some info passed on about Saturday nite Heard Soul Sams and Brian Ellis monthly Broughton event was a good un. A good crowd in, packed and with both resident…

    WCIN Cincinnati Radio - 51 years photos and more

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Craig W recently posted up a photo of a 60s soul playlist from WCIN Radio, this set me off on a dig for more info and on my travels found a website devoted to the station. Re…

    Waldorf Plays- Derek Pearson

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Published Date: 2001/9/25 3:40:00 waldorf Plays- Derek Pearson Background history on the Waldorf: Its a small upstairs function room of a pub to the rear of the T…

    Wakefield Unity Hall - New Beginnings From Old Stock

    By HARRY CROSBY, in Soul Features,

    Things are looking healthy for this old lady of northern soul in Yorkshire.

    Visting Detroit by Rob Moss Part 4

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    Visiting America can be a truly uplifting and pleasurable experience. It is the land of milk and honey, where the streets are paved with gold and everyone gets a fair chance …

    Visiting Detroit...Part 2 and 3 by Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    Part 2 and Part 3 of this lengthy look at "... visiting Detroit" by Rob MossDetroit’s musical and cultural legacy to the world has few equals. Forgetting the Motown and assoc…

    Visiting Detroit... by Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    Visiting Detroit Part 1 by Rob Moss Once we’d discovered the joys of soul music in those early, surly days of pubescence, it was almost inevitable that the magnetic i…

    Visiting Detroit Part 7 By Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    Visiting Detroit Part 7 Holidaying in Detroit is probably not everyone’s idea of an ideal vacation. Though the weather is scorching in the summer, there are no beaches o…

    Visiting Detroit By Rob Moss Part 5

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    People who reside in the largest city, or the capital, of a country seem to have a pompous air of superiority and an apparent belief that they are, in some way, better than t…

    Views From The Jungle Floor - Monkey

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Views From The Floor - 16 Nov 2002 " site admin (site admin), in * Soul News * Drunken Monkey SC Views From The Floor - 16 Nov 2002 Reviews-Plays : Monkey Time -…

    Various Artists, Standing In The Shadows Of Motown: Deluxe Edition Back in the 60s the session musician was king. Think of the Wrecking Crew (who played on everything from P…

    Valatone Soul Sessions

    By soul source, in Soul Features,

    Huge thank you to all who made it down to our anniversary nite on saturday. Excellent atmosphere, excellent people, excellent music, thank you all very much. Johnny T

    Just back home after the trip to London..Time for a good rest.. The night was what New Year should be...To spend time with freinds..Listen to the music you love and meet…

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